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Sledge 540

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Has about 60 flights on it. minor crash (tail touch gone awry).
Plane was repaired, and the engine was replaced to a saito .72. it flies awesome on a 13/4 with 15% cool power.

Plane and radio gear only= $150

Plane RTF w/ saito .72 (-Rx) = $350


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can you get me some pics of what it looks like now all the damaged area's and how much is shipping
give me a bit. BTW what is Sparta Ten's zip?
ok 38583
pics as of today


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Hey guys Ive saw this plane fly....flys great an Jeremy did a great build job on it. BTW whats with the $150 for the plane an priced it to me for $200 :D
Hey if prophanger1 backs out I maybe interested in it. What radio gear are you letting go with it? What type servos?
Sorry dan, after we talked, I checked on pricing for this plane. give me a call at 704 488-3328.

The wings carry JR 537's
the tail ggroup has FUT 3003's on the ele and rudder
throttle comes with a Hitech hs81.
4.8v JR battery ( I'll let that go with the plane although I always replace the Batts when I buy a used AC)
Just giving you a hard time man...its cool. :D
Yes still for sale you know the all-up weight...after the repairs?...
I'll have it weighed again, but my estimate is about 4# 6oz's. you must not have added much weight with the repairs - don't know if you're interested in shipping or not...
estimated that I only added 1-1.5 oz's. that's a heavy guestimate.

Ship to where?
sry, I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Definitely an option.
It would be about $40 to ship
...some questions... would appear to be a major challenge to ship a profile - have you successfully shipped something like this before?...

...were you doing hovers and harriers with this plane using standard servos? - i would probably want to change out the servos - are there hatches for access?...

...what prop were you using? - i would want to use an APC 14-4W - would there be enough prop clearance?...

...i assume you've got pull-pulls on the rudder and elevator...
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