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site is changing!

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Looks good guys! I find more changes everytime I log on!
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Please give feedback. We need to know what is good and not good.
I really like the 10 posts on top, this sight is way 8)
Yer doing great!!!!!
everything seems to be fine and improving more and more. No complaints so far. I do find the red and black a little dark but I guess those are our colors.
Looking Great Quicker!
I like the way your going, of course I thought it was pretty cool before, you've just made a good thing better.
I second that 10 posts on top thing, i really like it.
I like the ten posts on the top too. Keep up the neat improvements!!

Very cool.... :D :D :D
I think the site looks great, keep up the good work :D :D :D :D :D
The last 10 posts is very handy. As is the view posts since last visit.
The problem is if you happen to be gone for a few days you need some serious time to go thru all those posts or else you loose them.

Would it be a worthwhile improvement to add a "view posts in last ____ days. " ?
Don't stay away for so long :lol:

I'll see about something like that.
I like the ten posts on the top too
Maybe we could make the font size a little bigger though or do something to make it a little easier to read?
The site rocks... You guys are doing a great job! It's a BUNCH faster than it used to be too :D
The 10 posts on top was cool and now it is even better since it goes to the last page... Rock on Brotha... 8)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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