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Dunno which forum to stick this in, maybe Billy can help a brother out?

Just placed an order with OMP for the Ikarus flight sim program.

Got the "small" version, plan on using my Futaba 6EXA for the sticks, so I got the adapter cable with it.

Looks pretty kick-ass. Any Bros have first-hand experience with it?

My main hopes are to help improve my hand-eye-beer coordination without re-kitting a bunch of planes. A reset button is a shitload easier than breaking out the CA, Epoxy, and duct tape.

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hey man
i jsut got it a week or 2 ago

it is soooo sweet..
ive only tried FMS before i got it and is so much fun.

def worth the dough..

im not a very good pilot so i slow it down to sim speed of 60-70 and i can hover almost allday long :)
everytime i practice i will turn the speed up a little by little.
i also like setting the wind to max..then just hovering in one spot :)

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You ll Really like AFP its the most realistic sim Ive ever used. Plus like was mentioned you can slow it down to learn new moves. But for the most realistic flying you ll want to end up with the sim speed around 130% which seems to me to be about where it needs to be. Ive heard of one guy that had his up over 200. It seems like you lose a lot of realism if you go much over 150 for most planes. Also there is some cool photorealistic fields you can dl if thats your thing. Not to mention a boatload of free planes.
I have flown every sim there is extensively. Aerofly mimics the real geometry of a plane almost exactly. The only thing that might be a little better and looks 10xs better is the reflex but for flying the Aerofly is fine. They make G2 look like FMS. The cool thing about G2 is that you can fly with your buddies. If Aero or Reflex had that feature we would have a Pro Bro online flying field right now.
I can't believe that great planes didn't come out with a patch to keep people from being interupted when someone else changes a plane. I hate being in the middle of something and see that blue screen stating "johnny is flying ..............."
I know Real Flight is working on a G3 version as we speak.
Can the controler from G2 be used with AFP?
Can the controler from G2 be used with AFP?
Yep... thats the only part of selling my [email protected] that I regret... That controller works great with AFP...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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