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Hey, I know it's probably been asked a million times....but I'm making my Xmas wishlist. Aerofly Pro or G3? I've never had a sim....I mostly see you guys talking about Aerofly. Just want to make sure before my wife buys me something with my own money. :? :wink:
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I dont think many ppl have the G3 yet.....the AFP is killer though. I hear the Reflex kicks some major tail as well. I think BH had a good word to say about that one. Its hard to beat 129 for the AFP though. :D
Yeah, no shit. G3 gets like $250. Definate bang for the buck value with AFP.
And with Afp you get one of these if'in your Nice!!


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STAN0 said:
And with Afp you get one of these if'in your Nice!!
Hey, that's nice Stano....have you considered a tail for it?
Are the burritos ready for AFP yet?
Define ready :twisted:
If Stano gets that Burrito out, and it works good, I'll just have to get AFP. Been wanting a sim, but not RealFlight, 'cuz I'm not interested in flying Great Planes products. If I just had a Burrito Sim, that would be all I needed for now, although a Mojo,EF Edge, and the Morris planes would be nice, too.My brother has G2, the little profile on it sucks (just like the real McCoy!) had fun w/ the Spacewalker, though. It does awesome pinwheels, and almost has enough power to hover.
I can't comment on G3 because I don't own it yet but I do love G2!
There are so many different planes and skins available on the swap page, if you don't mind last years technology you might be able to pick up G2 pretty cheap as a lot of people will be selling them on Flebay shortly so they can upgrade...
I fly BH's downloads quite a bit and use them as learning tools.
I'm trying to learn to 3D on Realflight G2 and it isn't easy. Of course, that probably me as much as anything but a lot of people have told me that Aerofly is the way to go for 3D. There's no way to know yet if G3 will be any better for 3D. I kind of wonder what Reflex is like. The thing is though if that Burrito for AFP pans out then IMO, it would win hands down.
Any chance of Burrito's, Mojo's etc, for Realflight? I have all the downloads from this site but I would love to have some of Paul's designs. I just don't have the dollars to go buy AFP right now.
I haven't flown RF hardly at all since getting AFP, but I did learn a lot of 3D with RF. Here's some planes that worked pretty well. Just unzip & put em in your programs\realflight\planes directory. They do require the add-ons. They're way easy to TR with. The Cap 2X is a good flier that's very easy to TR with, the Sukhoi I designed, and it's smoother and feels big/more real but is a little harder to TR. The bipe feels a tiny bit like a foamy, but doesn't fly realistically at all. It looks cool and flat spins though. :wink:


The only thing other than the way the rudder isn't very realistic in G2 is you are limited to the models you can use you have to buy there add ons and I haven't seen any end user models on the net other than changed up existing models the Models in AFP are not easy to create I been pulling my hair out for a few weeks but I finally have a Burrito for AFP that fly pretty well not quite the real thing but its as close as my limited abilities would let me get it I think with some mild tweaking on the user end it will just get better and better and we can swap the one setup file easily on the site! so the Burrito should be up soon hope you guys ENJOY! I gotta build my Real Mojo first them maybe start on a MOJO for AFP if you guys don't beat me up too bad on the Burrito HAH :shock:
I don't see a definite x is better than y here. I've never owned a sim either but thought about it for the rainy days.

Tower has the G3 on sale for $199 and I heard the G2 is down to $49 now as a result.

Those prices are changing things...
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