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Showoff your 65"OMP yak

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Flies great, just wish i had a 200oz/inch servo in the rudder and a ys110
put your Pics in here :D
mag1.08 reliable but not enough
hs-605's elevator and aileron
hs-625MG rudder not enough
futaba148 throttle
2700mAh 5cell Nimh flight pack


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So A YS 1.10 4stroke is more powererful than a mag 1.08 2stroke?

Why not choose a bigger 2 stroke like a Magnum 1.2 ? It would be much cheaper than the YS 4stroke.

I've debating getting one of these 60 sized profiles but I thought I would go 2 stroke instead of 4 stroke.
seriously a 1.20 thundertiger 2stroke would be good, or the os 1.08
the problem is that the 1.08 is just as heavy as a light 1.20 and yes the ys1.10 is more power.
you could do a saito 1.20 :D i dont even know if TT makes the 1.20 anymore, fuelguy (cooper) loves his
Show your pics!
Here's my baby....

JR Z590M servos all around
Hitec HS-81MG on throttle

Forget about the 2 strokes in this displacement catagory. The YS can't be beat.

And to think I almost sold it........


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Here is mine. I have an OS 1.08 I am debating whether to put in or not. The orange is coming off this winter. It faded too much. It shows up great in the air though.
Notice the fuel tank is fixed.


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mine has os 1.20 4-stroke--- hovers at 1/2 throtle
APC 17x4
hs605 on alerions
hs5625 in tail
hs225 throtle
1050 mha 6 volt

got new carbon gear from J williams--lots, lots stiffer.


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lots of sticks


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Heres mine.

Had an Os-91FX when the picture was taken
Now has a YS 110 FZ. What a difference.
SPC 16x4W prop
Tru-Turn 2 1/2" spinner.
Hitec HS-605 BB's on elevator and rudder.
Hitec 5645 MG's digitalis on the ailerons.
Futab S-3003 on the throttle.
JR 1100 mah 4 cell


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A ys 110 weighs a half pound less than a saito 180? :?:
Nice plane, RudderHinge!!

not quite 1/2 lb going by the weights on the 'net.

Horizon lists the 180 as 31oz w/o muffler

YS 1.10 PDF manual shows 25.75 oz, 27.4oz on the the manual probably lists the weight w/o muffler and YS Performance lists the weight w/muffler.

Not sure how much a 180 muffler weighs, but looks like the raw engine is 5 1/4oz heavier.

I don't have either engine to weigh, all of this is taken from online sources that may not be really accurate.
Chuck :dk: PS it was Insubordinate who made that comment not rudderhinge. Get you facts right. Just Kidding Love th here what you have to say . YS rules However my new Katana may have a saito 91.

OMP------------ :horse poop:
Steve, I think he is replying to both of us. Thanks for the info Chuck.
I hesitate to post this cause It was quite a long time ago when it was brand spankin new, It's a lot more ratty now but still one of the sweetest skinny ladys I have flown. Ive had a saito 120 on mine for quite some time now (91 fx pictured) and I have flown another with the YS 110. I can tell you a YS 110 with a 16-6 zinger isnt near as powerful as MY saito 120 with an APC 16-6. I gave a APC16-6 to the owner of the other yak and He said it's power picked up quite a bit. Moral of the story, a few ounces makes no difference on this plane one way or the other and the prop you use can have a larger effect than which motor you buy


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Smallfry Are you selling that plane on RCU I saw your ad last night E-mailed about you pipe for the OS 108? Different City's same looking plane?


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No way Im selling mine. Several people did that scheme after they first came out
I have actually flown both on the 65" yak steve. Thats what I base my statement on. I will state that with the apc 16-6 on both the YS is probably a "bit" more powerful.
But once again the prop you choose makes more difference than the motor IMO. I do use 25% nitro for a little bit more boost on my saito. Mine is at least 8 punds as well with several repairs and It has no problem at all pulling out of a low hover with the saito 120. A buddy also has an OS 120 on his and the fool :) loves to run freaking big props on it (18-5) or something like that. He loves it and can fly the hell out of it but it's not for me
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