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Show pics of you "well used" shop..aka mess

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I know some of you are neat freaks this post isn't for you I'm proud of the fact that I spend more time building then cleaning :D show off your beautiful chaos here.
believe it or not there is order to that disorder, and it goes on in both directions couldn't get it all in one shot. :shock:


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When I imagine a "happy place" it looks just like that! :shock: shop looks worse than that when it's clean!
I want pics so i can show my wife that i really am a mess amateur, that is pretty clean for me too that was right before I started the Sabre build. :D
Rule number for any builder.....don't clean anything until a project is done, cause you might throw something out that you might need later! :wink:


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I'll take one this weekend but you can't really call it a shop anymore. It is just a stack at this point. I am proud of how much stuff is in the "stack" but I don't take people down there anymore. It is bad.
That looks Just like my shop. :D If stuff wasn't stacked up so high I might be able to tell the diffrence. If you find a woman shouting down the stairs at you to change over the wash every fiftten minutes then you are in my SHOP!!! And you better Get the @#$% out of there!! But not untill you change over the wash. She can get fairly mean :roll: . Heck while your there why don't you finish building the McDDD I started last week, Hey my stinson needs a wing too. On second thought stay as long as you like.


Is that the disembodied head of a woman in your shop? :shock: :shock: :shock:
My "shop" is my 2 car garage. I haven't been able to get my car in the garage for 2 months. Just enough room for the planes, my building table and my wife's minivan.

Frost is coming soon, though so I'm getting it cleaned up this weekend. I hate scraping windows.
i wish i had planes bigger than a riding lawnmower :D

i used to be embarrassed of my "stack" but now its like a badge of honor 8)

quinn thats shitty, where will you build all winter? :cry:

propnrotor, i get that too its worse now that shes pregnant
you can see the body?
quinn thats shitty, where will you build all winter?
Put my wife's van outside! :lol:

Is that the disembodied head of a woman in your shop? :shock: :shock: :shock:
Damn....incrementing evidence of my last wife that told me to clean my garage...................You guys can keep a secret right!!! HEH HEH :mrgreen:
Well, since my wife decided I can't build any better than I fly and took over building for me - mine has stayed nice and clean :) It's just about half of our 2 car garage, but I have that whole side. She has an Edgling on the table now. She just finished the top of the fuse. The wing is already done and she has most of the bottom of the fuse pinned already!

*sigh* I love just being able to fly (or attempt to) and when I crash one need a new plane built, I just bring her some glue and roses and I'm all set 8) She's learning to cover them now too!



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My "shop" is the guest bedroom. And since I had guests last week and will again next week, my "shop" is clean again.

But it is a real pig stye when I'm building. :D

But nothing I have seen comes close to Paul's shop. In a two car garage you have two paths to walk. That's it. :shock: :D
Rik....I hate to break your balls about your wifes building skills but you appear to have a rather large warp in that Edgeling wing....Dohhh.

Lets just hope its the camera...or my computer screen :wink:
LoL... It looks like it from that angle. You made me run out and look at it again! It's tapered so the ends won't touch when sitting flat.

She's doing pretty good with the fuse. There's nothing I can teach her since I don't know how to build either, but it's still fun to try :-D Too bad they took out the, "Pro Sis" forum. I coulda had her pose nakey with my Mojo when I get it :lol:
I coulda had her pose nakey with my Mojo when I get it
we already have those pics :D
your wife builds????

Lucky SOB my bro builds for me sometimes but usually he screws somethign up if im not there!!

Is she gonna try and fly now too?

Watch your back shell be the next patty wagstaff.

Speaking of which wagas that looks kind of like patty wagstaff's head and seeing as you have her plane!!!!! What dd you do with the body?

OMG u killed patty!
Okay Rik...I have an Edgeling kit. Ask your wife how much she'd charge me to frame it up after she gets done with yours. The second one is always much easier! :wink:
My shop on a really good day, I am keeping it clean :shock: so I can build my burrito :!:


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nice brightly lite, i gota get some more lights in mine 2 of my ballasts blew.
nice spa3d, that thing taught me how to fly in stall like no other plane can
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