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Shock Flyer Equip Recommendations

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Getting my first electric and am leaning toward the Shocky 540. Been searching through LOTS of info on this plane and have listed the way I would go at this moment for equipment. Feel free to add your own recommendations and reasons for them. My two main concerns are weight and reliability. I am willing to pay a fair amount to achieve those goals and want to do it right the first time. TX will be a JR XP642.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


Motor: AXI 2208/34 with Radial mount.
Ail Servo: Hitec HS55
Rudd Elev Servos: Cirrus or Dymond 4.4's
ESC: CC Phoenix 10
Lipo's: 2s1p 800Mah 7.4V Undecided on brand
Lipo Charger: $49 1-4 Cell Hobby Lobby unit or $19.95 Batteries
America 1 Cell unit
Prop: APC 9X4SF windy days APC 10X4.7SF calm and indoor
RX: Berg 4DSP II Microstamp
Hobby Lobby Acc. Pack for the plane and Radial mount kit for AXI.

Couple of questions:
I am assuming the CC Phoenix 10 has a BEC?
Is the 7.4 Volts somehow regulated down to 6 volts for the RX? Is that also done in the ESC?
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Yep, CC P10 has a good BEC.

Yep, the RX gets its juice from the BEC lead off the ESC. It is about 5V I think. Be sure to plug the BEC lead into the Throttle Ch. of the RX, not the Battery Ch.

The rest of your set up sounds pretty much right on from all I've read about the Shocky.
Thanks for the tips!

The only thing I can say is I might get the 3cells if you can afford them. 2 cell LiPolys will give you about 11 mins of flying & 8 mins of 3D. I prefer more..... :p
Hi, well i read a lot of post of the shocky before buyng one. Here is my setup:

Nippy 080898
prop 10.4.7 apc
ph 10
kokam 340 mah 2 cell(dont buy it its crap)
kokam 2 cell 700
TP 2 cell 1320

I asked in this forums so much before buyng new batteries(Persons that have help me know :D :D ) but finally i went with 2 cell 700 Kokams and 2 cell 1320 TP, they havent arrived yet, i will se how they work.
Your setup looks pretty good but I'd go for the Berg 5 dsp instead of the 4

Yes it does weigh a bit more, 9.5 grams over the 7, but you will be able to use dual servo's for aileron using the extra channel. That way you can get flaperon/spoileron mixing. The weight added by using the 5channel rx and extra servo pays big dividends when you can use the mix to make a capable plane an outstanding one.

I couldn't believe the differance it made to be able to do harriers without the wing rocking back and forth and feeling like any minute your gonna stall out and flop to the deck to a smooth easy flying machine that I can drag the rudder on without worry.

And to top it off the 5channel is cheaper too! :D
Where do you put the extra-servo for the aileron?
you put one on each wing panel directly in front of the hinge and horn location. keep them as close to the centerline of the airplane as poss. and you won't hardly notice them.
I glue mine flat with a bit of silicone with the horn to the outside.
What happened Bro - did you flop your Flip? Hey - as long as you're in the neighborhood - check out my Burrito.
I'm gonna watch this thread - I want to get me a foamy for these long winters. I just have to find a big indoor room to fly in. I wonder if I could fly in the bowling alley. Of course with a foamy - I could drive down to the field & fly from my car!
3d-aholic said:
The only thing I can say is I might get the 3cells if you can afford them. 2 cell LiPolys will give you about 11 mins of flying & 8 mins of 3D. I prefer more..... :p
I like 3 cells for outdoors and 2 for indoors. If you're going with 800 size cells, I think you'll probably come in around high 7 or 8 oz, so you may as well go with 3 cells to get good punch out of hovers.

I like the 340 size cells, but I can only fly for 5 minutes (timed) in my local indoor club, plus I don't mind carrying extra batteries to change more often, rather than carrying the weight on the plane all the time.

One more note: 3 cells will NOT give you more time compared to 2 cells for the same capacity pack. The voltage will be higher, and you'll draw more amps, so you get less time overall. You may say that you'll use less throttle to hover with more voltage, but it's still more efficient to use less amps and keep things cool.
WOT all the time, 3 cells would not give you more flight time, but for a given amount of power it will. If a 2 cell set up hovers a plane at 5 amps and 7.4volts, then thats 37 watts. A 3 cell (figured with 11.1volts) would take 3 1/3amps to make the same power. Like you said, less amps, cooler, and more efficient.

My Razor powered Tribute got 15 minutes on a 2 cell and over 20 on a 3 cell. Both packs were the same brand and capacity.
My Bad. I forgot my own experience was comparing a 3 cell e-sledge with a 2 cell shocky! I get 6.5 minutes on the shocky, but only 4.5 minutes on the sledge - same motor.

However -- the e-slege is 3 oz heavier! Oops. You're right, you have more energy carried in the pack overall, and you'll "sip" less of it hovering around in practice. The extra weight of the extra cell is more than offset by it's additional energy. It's not WOT like a servo motor would be in comparing times on a 5 cell vs 4 cell nicad pack.

Thanks for setting me straight.
No prob...

I have no life, and can spend countless hours playing with motors on test stands, reading the power systems forum on ezone, and of course flight testing :D .
I was just flying a shockey last night indoors on a Kokam 3 cell 700 mah pack. Sick power...almost too much. Flew for 17 minutes. I've never flown one on a 2 cell pack so I don't know the difference....but it sure flies nice and floaty/slow even with the 3 cell. What size 2 cell packs are you guys using?
Excellent comments guys! Thanks.

Flip is still flying, but I want something for indoor Baybee! :lol: :lol:

cropdusterdave said:
What size 2 cell packs are you guys using?
I have a 2cell 340 Kokam and a couple 2cell TP 740's. The Kokams give me 5-6 mins of flight and about 3 mins of hover time. The 2cell TP's give me 10-11mins of flight and about 8 safe mins of hover time.
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