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Wouldnt it be bice to have a forum of plane setups??
Just thinking it could be a nice idea....
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what do you mean setups like people listing their poop..
"i got a jet 76 with a superpipe and 8611's all around and ti con rods" and shit.. :D
or like pics and tips for newbees to look at and ask questions?
OK sounds good, but there is the tips forum?
i dono, hey Quinn, what do you think?
Yeah pics of their setups and all that stuff what eveyone use ......
I think that would mostly show you what ppl had on hand at the time. If most of you all are like me my eqp changes sometimes on a fairly regular basis as I try different things.
i try to stay consistent, i'm lovin the new dubro nylon lock clevises, and i use the ballinks on the servo side no slop hear, 4-40 rod always except throttle where alittle flex can save the servo


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BAM! I just set you guys up in the general forum. Great idea!
SWEET i got quoted! :D
thanks BH :D
COOL !!!!!! Thanks a lot Billy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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