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This plane is SWEET!!! It comes with a YS 63 FZ mounted up front. It will also have 4 HS 225 MG servos, battery, tank, remote glow, everything except the Rx. All up weight is around 4.25 lbs. This thing flys awsome.

The plane and engine have a total of about 1 hour of flight time on them. Never any damage of any kind. The engine was found to have a leak and had the total top end replaced by YS under warranty. Engine runs perfect again.

I would prefer not to ship. I will meet you 1/2 way anywhere in Arkansas. This plane is really nice. I will sell everything except the Rx in this deal.

Final price is....$550 if I deliver myself. Any shipping would be extra, BUT I DON'T WANT TO SHIP IT!!!!!!!!!! :shock:

PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA [email protected]
OR BY PHONE......501-228-4465 (H)
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I am willing to seperate this, because I need the room and working capitol.

Let's try this.....

Airplane w/tank......$175.00
Airplane w/tank, batt & 5 servos.....$325.00
All up ready to fly less Rx......$500.00
YS 63 FZ (less than 1 hour run time)......$200.00

I don't get to check e-mail very often. If you call me at the # above, I will call you back.

I am working on getting some pictures together. The plane is very sharp. I still don't want to ship if I can keep from it. If you really have to have it, we can talk about it.


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I've seen the plane, seen it fly, and can vouch for it's sharpness!!!

Chuck, you ought to list it on RCGroups if no bro snaps it up.... It's free to list there, and there were a couple of Seduction build threads on there. $175 for a built Ono is a fuggin' steal!
Thanks Chuck, I'll try that too.
I've also seen this plane and it is very sharp!


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Damn, I wish I had a couple hundred bucks laying around. The Seduction is a beautiful plane.
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