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satio 72 prop shaft

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Anyone know of a prop nut that is threaded long enough to use on a saito 72? I have to use washers to compensate, and since they dont fit perfectly around the thread I am thinking that it may be vibrating a bit due to this. I have tried Dubro prop nuts (threaded spinner) and harry higley, they arent deep enough. Has anyone cut off the end of the prop shaft?
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If it was me I would drill the prop nut out and tap it deeper if you have a tap set. if not the hadles are expensive but the taps are like $4. That is if theres enough room to drill it without going through the front?
Well, since you really ought to have a double nut, my answer is to use the higley "light nut" under the spinner nut. On the other hand, only the APC props are too thin, the Zingers or the Master airscrews are way thicker at the hub, and lighter. I really liked the 13x6 MA on my .72, and I only use the 14x6MA on my .91s. And the spinner nut will work fine with them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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