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Saito valve adjustment??????

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I want to check the valve adjustment on a Saito 72 that I bought used, but I don't have the adjustment tools. I was wondering if the adjustment tools for the 91 is the same as the 72, or is there a difference in the valve clearance? If there is a difference, then does anyone have any idea where I can pick up the adjustment tools for a 72?
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I'm talking about the tools that come with a new engine. It should be an allen wrench, a wrench to loosen the valve nut, and a feeler gage. The gage is a certain thickness, and is used to gap the valves.
You need to bring the piston up to top dead center on the compression stroke. Then adjust the valves to .002" - .004" clearance (.03 mm to .10 mm). If you go to horizon hobby's website you can download the manual for saito engines. Any set of feeler guages should work. Good luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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