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Saito 82a idle help.

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Broke in this engine per Jim D. recommendations and have also PM'd this to him as well because he was a lot of help with the break in.

Ran a full gallon of 20% oil (Mostly Synthetic) 10% Nitro on the ground on the test stand. Switched to OS F plug and put it on the plane (Kyosho Flip 3D). Also checked and set the valves. Running fine on the plane and has about 20 oz of fuel (Wildcat YS 20/20) through it on the plane.

Here's my only glitch so far. On the ground I can get it to tick over at about 2500 RPM idle all day long then jam the throttle stick forward and it instantly translates to full. I'm still running pretty rich - about 9400 to 9600 with an APC 14-4W prop and it is smoking pretty heavy. In the air is a different story. When I go below 1/4 throttle the engine becomes very erratic and dies half the time. Don't know why I have great Idle on the ground but crummy in the air. Maybe just needs more break in time?

Thanks for any comments.

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Man, I don't know right off hand. Outside of running out of fuel :shock: , I've never had one of my Saito's deadstick. Now when breaking in the last 72, it wasn't really clean on transition and idle for the first couple of gallons. BUT, if anything it was a little better in flight than on the ground.

Does the flip have a cowl? It does doesn't it? You are not getting some strange airflow around the carb in flight maybe? Nice thing about a profile is everything is in the open. Maybe try it without the cowl on/off and see if it acts different.
Running it without the cowl, but that was a good point.

At this point I think my low end may be too lean. After I ran the first gallon through it on the test stand I leaned the low end out a little from the factory setting. Going to try heavy richening on the low end to see if that helps.


Check your plug for signs of any deposits or a frost on it, especially if it was the same plug you broke it in on.

Not enough info for me to say you're too rich or lean on the idle side, You'll know for sure if you richen up the idle side by a quarter turn, if it results in improvement great, keep dialing it in. You know the game from here.

Quick note, always wait until the engine is up to operating temp before making any needle adjustments. while on the ground if you are trying to set the idle side, do so with a half tank of fuel.

So you've cranked the low speed needle value at least 2 full turns from factory set right?
Plug is a new OS F plug that was installed after break in, but I am almost sure that is my problem as I have the Low speed screw back in the factory setting and it idles all day long with the ignighter on. Ignigher off then it dies at 1/4 throttle.

Thanks for the help.

Sounds like its loading up to me. Assuming the engine is not upside down. Typically, Saito engines have the low speed needle value anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 turns too rich from the factory. They tell you to turn it in 1/4 turn at a time and it will take you forever and a day.

Keep turning in the low end until the engine will idle reliably without the igniter and then keep turning it after that until you can advance the throttle from idle slowly without the engine choking on fuel and dieing.
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