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Routing tail-servo cables on Katana P ARF

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On the Katana P ARF, how are others routing the cables from the receiver compartment into the side of the fus?

Do you simply cut a hole near the TE of the wing so that the extensions can come out and (almost) straight into the hole on the side before being squeezed through the fus and re-appearing at the hole near the servos in the tail?

Unfortunately the instructions that came with this ARF were about 10th generation photocopies of photocopies -- and I should have thrown them in the bin anyway because I found that the sequence they use is not optimal.

It would (for instance) have been a little easier to drill the engine-mount holes in the bearers *before* fitting the wing and tail.

Likewise, I should have marked a line through the center of the wing-cut-out to simplify the task of getting those little inboard wing TE panels aligned on the datum.

So much to do, so little time :)
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If you look carefully, I almost missed seeing them, you ll see a small round hole already cut in the wing. Its about an inch from the fuse an maybe an inch or so from the TE. Cut the covering an your in business.

Along the same line there is a small hole in the fuse side that you route them into. Have fun routing them through the fuse man, its a real pain. I used a piece of yarn an a weight to fish through then pull my wires through with that.

Oh an why dont you throw those instructions away. :D They blow!
I do think the new ARFs are coming with good instructions though. out pretty slick with the holes provided. I just routed the servo wire from the servo hole up to the wing. I actually ended up making the holes a teensy bit bigger for my servo extension connectors.
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