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Removed topics/growing the brotherhood...

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I am going to be hanging here more and RCU much less, I had a post removed also it was where I was complaining about how Horizon was treating me in reguards to replacing a defective plane. They said it was because it was in the wrong place but they didnt move it they deleted it. I posted a problem with Horizon in Mike Mconvill's area where would you post a problem you have been having with Horizon? He is one of the big players in that company, it was all fine untill I said I wanst impressed with their customer service or products then it was removed with in two hours, I just know Mike went whining to the Admin and asked him to remove it!!!

What can we do to turn this into a place just as big and popular as RCU, you can count on my financial support to help, all I want is people to be able to express themselves openly and not have to worry about advertisers shutting them down!!!!
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Horizon has big ol' ads there. Can't be pissing off who pays your just delete the guy who's getting the shaft. You don't make a bit of difference to RCU, but Horizon's check does.
That's very hippocitical of RCU don't you think? The owner of RCU participated in a thread where Joe Hunt was bashed pretty good for similar behavior.
Yup... I agree with you guys... They are becoming pretty unreasonable over there....

Won't even answer our questions now....

Why even bother with it?
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