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I know some of you have expressed the legitimate concern over our loss of visibility via RCUgh. Well, there are some other places we probably need to generate a little presence to keep the Brotherhood in public view and 'convert' the wayward. I agree that this should be our main place. But we oughta keep a feeler or two out in any of the Fun Fly/3D forums around excepting RCU.

Of course we should keep plugging on RCG. Heck I mean Ulf is our mod there and Bud too.

Now that mutt joined the hood we have two mods from in the hood. Nice board, but awfully quiet. We oughta liven up the Fun Fly forum, I think it's fertile mission ground.

Any Bro's regular on the flying cirkus site?

Where else?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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