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Recipe for Reshaping your Rudder:

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Recipe for reshaping your rudder:

1.) Hover down low with rudder 18" above ground.
2.) Maintain hover until engine heats up.
3.) If engine sags due to overheating, ignore symptoms.
4.) Increase throttle to overcome sagging engine.
5.) Try to suppress your shock when the engine flames out.
6.) Watch helplessly as the plane suddenly falls backwards.
7.) Listen for the sound of crunching balsa as gravity helps to reshape the rudder outline.
8.) Congratulations! Your rudder is now a mangled mess.


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You know what they say

"Good pilots have dents on their plane, Great pilots have dents on the tail !!)
Great step by step process!
The only thing I do different is hover past the runway where the land slopes down. That way when it flames out I can't see it when it hits the ground.
I used to do that crap with my spa3d....engine lean push the left stick up why stop having fun....then FRAPPPPPPPPP. :shock:
Man Dave.....didn't that happen way back at the MoProBro in June? Or did you reiterate the process in order to refine the steps? :lol:

Hey dude, I see your problem. That tailwheel doesn't extend back far enough!

Maybe the new ProBro fashion will be to stick the tailwheel on the very back-surface of the rudder -- this would also allow compliance with Rule #9 -- turning a rudder-touch into a "touch and go".

Watch the AMA squirm then :)
a. That was Dave Brown's solution so we DON'T want to do it.... b. There is no longer any problem with rule #9 so let's let that one go!! :D

Dave McDDD....Seems we have all tried that once or 5 times, but you TOTALLY have me on the degree of reshapeing!!

That is a classic.

No Rule #9....... on a broken rudder.

So how many people did you injure :lol: :lol:
didn't that happen way back at the MoProBro in June?
Yeah....that was the first time the K&B 61 flamed out on me. Fortunately it was low enough that only the rudder was damaged. Some strategically placed packing tape saved the evening until permanent repairs were made later. Turned out to be a loose glow plug.

Or did you reiterate the process in order to refine the steps?
The second time was a couple of months ago. Again the Top Cap was low enough that only the rudder got broken. Again, packing tape saved the day until I got it home to repair it. That turned out to be a bad glow plug.

The third time was a few days ago. Again I was low enough that only the rudder got damaged....but "The third time is a charm".

Not sure what caused it yet, but the K&B 61 is now on my shit list. As much as I like the power of the K&B 61 on the TC, I'm afraid that one of these days it's going to flame out at a higher altitude where the TC could really get damaged due to gravity.

I may end up going back to the TT Pro 46. At least it was 100% reliable.
Get you a saito .91 Dave, same crazy power and just about as reliable as any motor I've ever had. Only flame outs I've had were 1. no Fuel 2. Glow plug center post totally loose.

I just got annother Saito .91 and a 1.00. Love em :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)
Get you a saito .91 Dave,
Dave running a 4 Stroke? Never! :lol:

Saito .91 $240
OS F glow plug: $7.50
APC 15x4w prop: $12

Foolproof disguise so no one recognizes me flying a F-F-F-Four Cycle:
I SAW him, not only flying my 4 Stroker but LIKING it!!! Big smile and positive comments were clear and decisive. He's been bit.
Rudder has been repaired.....again.
Only this time with a carbon tube imbedded along the bottom of the rudder.

The flameout investigation revealed the plug was loose.....which was the same problem that caused the first rudder reshaping at the MoProBRo.

(Note to self: If the K&B 61 overheats, then there's a really good chance that the plug will loosen up, and the fan on the front will suddenly stop turning.)

The plug was retightened, and today the K&B 61 ran flawlessly. But I wasn't taking any chances, so I kept the hovering to less than 12" off the ground.....just in case gravity decided to smite my Top Cap again.
McDDD said:
I kept the hovering to less than 12" off the ground.....just in case gravity decided to smite my Top Cap again.
THAT's What I'm talking about!!!! :lol:
Hehe :lol: I watched Matlok do the same thing Monday evening with the prototype Katana. It was perfect- one second he was hovering about 8" above the ground, the next second the engine died and it fell straight down onto the rudder.... Oopss......
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