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RD 8000

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Does someone have, is it a good radio to buy?

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One of my freinds has one....its really a pretty good radio which kind of surprised me. It only has dual rates on the ailerons an elevator though which sucks. It does handle dual elavater servos which is a must have in my book. One other handles both positive an negative shift recievers.

Any particular reason your wanting an Airtronics? Jr an Futaba both have radios in the same price range that you would be happier with. Thats MO so it aint worth much. :D I know my friend is happy with his.
Airtroinics is great in my book, there mixing setups are not as good as they could be, for instance you cant do dual rates and expo at the same time on my Stylus, other than that I love there stuff.
I can have several settings for rates like 3 per channel.

Next is Multiplex for me, got to keep saving up :cash: tho!

Edit you can do this mixing on the Stylus,
i dont know the 8000 but the futaba 9c is a great radio, does everything and is only like 400 complete
Ditto on the 9C. I just set mine up for the first time and it was EASY to program in flaperon and spoileron mixes.

Would there be any interest in a tutorial as to how I did this??
Cool thanks for the replies!!! I was thinking of thr Airtronics becauce its what i had used in rc cars and thought of having one for airplanes, but i think that i could save a little for the 9c and get a better radio whata do you guys think?

There are two 9c combos for $400 one with 4 3004 servos and the other with 4 s3151 servos wich would be a better choice? I will be using the servos in a profile.


go with the 3004 servo combo 3151 are not good profile servos no strength imho
Ok thanks for what are thoes servos used s3151 why are they so expensive
looks like the 3151's are just digital 3004's the torq is the same at at 4.8v if the price is the same go for the 3151's but your flights per charge will be less with dig :D
but didnt edge540flyer said they are weak for profiles, i am really confused i dont know wich to buy...
The 3151s dont have a high torque rating but are the same as the 3004s. It basically comes down to if you want a digital servo or analog. At the same torque you ll see the digital offering better centering an less blowback.

Just want to mention the JR 8103 as well its a great radio, just one other option you might want to look at. :wink:
Where can i buy jr?
oh yeah I forgot about horizon thanks!!
the problem I ran into with the 3151 that came with my 7cap on my extreme flight edge was when trying to get the throws I like to have (45deg) when i deflected the surface all the way. I could push gently on the surface and move it back to neutral so blow back was the big problem and the reason I hated the edge till I figured out is was the servos. glad i figured that out man I loved that edge.
If you had that problem with the 3151 it would have been worse with the 3004s. Did you have a lot of mechenical disadvantage in your hookups? Thats really strange. I have a friend that has some an he loves his.
nope ran the linkages the same just swaped for 3004's. a guy put these servos in a different profile and ran into the same problemes. I had a friend look at my setup thinking maybe I had done something wrong but he diddn't see anything who knows.
I think I would be sending them for Futaba to take a look at.....somethings not right with that.
i think i will try th s3151....
rcairnut, what do you mean you cannot do dual rates and expo at the same time. You can do triple rates, expo for each channel in both directions and put it on any switch. Do you have the aerobatic card?
Jeff Williams, (happy stylus user)
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