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Gentlemen, and I use that term in the loosest possible way, :lol:

I recently asked a moderator over at RCU to explain why a thread which shows a prototype of a set of retracts that will be used in F4U, and P40's, is allowed and Paul's mojo thread is not. I pointed out the inconsistancy, explained that both were prototypes, neither are for sale (at this time), and neither have completed any testing.

This was the response I received:


The difference is in the thread for the landing gear a bunch of fliers have banded together to get some retracts made, "Robinaire" is one who has responded, by the invitation of the group. He did not start the thread to sell his products. You need to go to the older thread where the same people tried for more than a year to get them made by Sierra, were constantly promised delivery, and nothing was ever shipped.

Robinaire is a commercial entity. He currently sells a range of RC devices. ( This just strikes me as being wrong.

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