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RCU = POS... :twisted:

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I feel so free.... LOL
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I'm outa there, too; funny thing, got an email right after I left that they finally merged my original wildfred account with the wildfred-rcu account... which I asked them to do several months ago! replied that it didn't matter, as I no longer patronize their site. always the diplomat!! but this is a blessing in disguise. I never posted here much as rcu was convenient; I am sure others did the same. so now we can make this site GREAT! now, how do we delete the probro sub-forum?
He also deleted our were outa here thread..
When any of us reply onRCU, sho the www.the link. Let' gey our 1,000+ members all over here and have a great site.. We're the one %.. Let's act like it,, and fuck em'. For anybody who cares about 3D planes and flying, this is thr place to be.
Yeah.... Fuck 'em... Dick heads... They can take their forum and shove it!

Can't wait to say that someday when I'm a big comercial duude with lots of advertising bucks......

"Hey Marc... I'd sure like to do some advertising over on RCU.... but you guys SUCK!!"
RCU will probably go the way of RCO
Did any of the companies ever pony up and say they were the ones that complained about the Mojo thread? I must have missed it if they did.
FINALLY some people who think like I do! They delete almost every thread I start over there, so I just quit postin' pretty much. Basically in my personal opinion, moderators want to be the most popular person in the section they mod, if you don't suck their ass your a dumb piece of shit! If your buying advertisement on RCU you can say anything you want to anybody and it won't get deleted. Dion from OMP told this in person! I'll still being goin' over there and reading because there's so much info, people posting and I suspect most people will. Hey I just like that you and I can complain about here!
I don't know. but I didn't like getting pm's from the head guy asking about my sales figures... then implying that I'm lying... then deleting my posts... there is such a thing as freedom of speech, and the only reason to delete my post saying I'm leaving is to hide the fact so others won't follow.

I keep a low profile, and most people don't realize just who I am. gives them a chance to show their ass if they are one. or to be gracious if they are not one.

he are one :wink:
I don't even want to go over and lurk. they have counters, and the #'s help them manipulate ad rates and such. I don't want to lend my support in ANY way. I would rather give it to paul and billy; unless they get big heads and think they are all that and a bag of chips :D

Seems like that happens when people get a little success; they become king turd on shit hill...
Ok guy's I'm with you! I told marc I won't put up with double standards and asked him to remove my username from rcu. Long live Pro Bro's!
Yup... they just deleted another thread over there.... I don't wanna go back either... I think ol' Marc has really shot himself in the foot on this one.

What kind of ego does it take to not back down when 1000 bro's are screaming in your face? What kind of business man just looks the other way when he's been clearly nailed on this deal...

I dont' know.... And I don't care.

Long live the brotherhood!!!
Yeah Paul, I sure he will delete my post, but I don't care. That site is 10% good information and 90% junk! Since I fly mostly 3-d I'll just hang out here. Paul when you get the MOJO kit or plans ready to sell let me know and I'll buy one!
I recived a pm last night from marc telling me that my post was nixed, And that he new what I was trying to do and if I wanted to post on RCU I needed to follow the rules..
I said Fuck U!!!!!!! :shock:
Way to go Buddy....

Looks like Marc sent in his hatchet man... Mr. MinnFlyer now to clean up the mess that Marc left..... he's a man of few words.
boogerboy said:
I'll still being goin' over there and reading because there's so much info, people posting and I suspect most people will.
Most of the info on RCU is pure BS posted by SB's. "It will do all the 3D moves", 'Yeah my 46 turns 18K with that prop", etc, etc.

The Pro Bro sub forum WAS the only place over there where you could go and get some straight dope on extreme flying and 3D. Most of the other forums are just full of pivot men and know it alls. A few good people here and there, but mostly a lot of heavy BS'ers that wouldn't know 3D from a hole in the wall.
Guys, I agree that I would much rather be here than over at RCU. The only place that I ever went to was either Fun Fly or Pro Bro Forums! This is going to be much better!

One thing that we all need to remember is WHERE we go the 1000+ Pro Bro members, and that was on RCU. There's strength in numbers, and we need to keep the word out over on RCU about the Pro Bros. How else will the fledgling 3D flyers ever come to the dark side? :twisted: We don't have to be regulars, but somebody needs to keep the word out that we exist. If you do post over there, be sure and mention so that the guy with questions about his Something Extra will see that there is an alternative!
My participaqtion at RCU has been limited to read only for about a year now (and even at that infrequently). I know I haven't really posted much here as of yet either but I do check this forum several times a day (mostly for it's comedic entertainment value :) ). This is likely to change though and I may actuslly become a regular poster.

Anyway, this discussion sent me over there to see what was going on (and contribute to the hit counter :oops: ) and I was reminded again why I don't hang out there. Total BS! Maybe someone should have Marc come over here to check out what he's lost and is losing. I kept reading his crap about being fair to his advertisers. Ok, try this one.


Dear OMP (or whoever),

I am writing to advise you that is may be in your best interest to pull all advertising from RC Universe imediately. My feelings on this come from the fact that though my heavy handed moderation of the site as well as my assinine justifications for said moderation I have pissed off about 1000 of your most loyal customers and they have gone elsewhere. Therefore, as your audience is now virtually non-existent on RCU, your advertising dollars would be better spent in other ways in my opinion.

(the biggest SB of them all)


Now that's fair! :D
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that's pretty much about it. I didn't leave because of the mojo post directly. I left because after pm'ing with him a couple times I realized his ego made him forget business rule # 1; The customer is always right.

That means that we, his "customers"- for who rcu was providing a service- need to be treated like we are in the right- even if we weren't (although we were) and with respect, until such time that he could pursuade us otherwise.

I used to own a hobby shop. And If I treated a customer like he knew nothing and was out to cheat me out of some money, I wouldn't expect him back. Because if I was that customer, I'd take my business elsewhere.

And I know that if you treat a customer right, he tells a few guys. If you treat him wrong, he tells EVERYBODY!
Did Paul even agree to sell one of these yet, or was he locked for other folks saying they wanted one?

I don't recall seeing Paul agreeing to let anyone have one.
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