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RC Direct has it going on!

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Last Thursday right about 5pm I finally got the ok from the minister of finance to pick up a Berg 5 gII..
I go to their website, find the one I wanted, and place my order.
A few minutes later I get a notice in E-mail that my order was confirmed, la de freakin' da, how many time have we all seen this then monday you get the next email that says "I'm sorry but we are out of stock on that item".....
You can imagine my shock when I got home Monday afternoon to find my berg in the mailbox!
That order was placed after hours on Thurs., they picked and shipped Fri. according to the label and USPS delivered it Monday!

All this and a damn good price, they have made a repeat customer here...
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I bought my Bergs from and they also amazed me with the speed and efficiency of their order processing.

I placed my most recent order with them on a Saturday and it arrived on my doorstep in NZ by courier the following Wednesday morning. They only charged me half the freight cost than a certain other US-based model products vendor stung me for what became the 4-week delivery time of a similarly sized/weight package :)

And as for the Berg receivers, a very nice little unit for 3D/profile ships. Small, light, interference resistant and most affordable.

Berg's support also deserves a *big* bouquet. Although Hitec like to think they have the best support in the business, they play a definite second-fiddle to Peter Berg's efforts.
Yep, AC-W is just amazing. I can get stuff here faster than a lot of places stateside, and the shipping is $2.50 flat rate (unless it something big...). For that kinda shipping cost, I buy lot's of small stuff from Nippon Dave that I wouldn't normally wouldn't buy unless I was making a large order..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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