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Radio South - FYI

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From: "Steve Kaluf" <[email protected]>

> Just had a call from Tony Stillman, he is doing okay. It may be at
> least two weeks before Radio South has power again. A tornado hit the
> power plant. RS does not have too much in the way of damage, some to
> the roof
> that is about it. No real product damage fortunately. He's a a small
> generator at home with very limited phone service. His home is also
> okay.
> Tony asks that we pass the word around. He has not had any
> communication with John Fuqua or Ron Van Putte as yet.
> Steve
> Steve Kaluf
> Technical Director
> Academy of Model Aeronautics
> United States of America
> Phone 765-287-1256 ext 230
> Competitions FAX: 765-286-3303
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Not sure where radio south is, but is this related to Ivan? Hurricanes spawn lots of tornados.
Something You should know about Tony Stillman and Radio South.

One year ago I sent my Airtronics Stylus to RS for a lithium battery, my radio was at RS for an extended time because the batteries were not available. :( I got my radio and used it last year, this spring this radio would not hold a memory. :cry: I called Tony he said send the radio in to him, in very short order I got my radio back, also insured for $500. They had to change the lithium battery that was bad from the factory (read not there fault), now everything is working fine! And get this NO charge and they said "Sorry for the problems"! :tu:
I can only say two things about this on this
1. I will support RS 100% and
2. Don't buy a radio with a battery back up.
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