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Given the eternal quest for keeping weight down, I wonder why I don't see more pull-pull setups on profile ships.

Is there some kind of problem with this setup or is it just too much dicking around to bother with?
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no problem with it. I use it on my mini and edgeling. tried 12 lb. spiderwire, it stretched some. went with the recommended 50 lb. and it worked great. am going to try it on rudder of the plane I'm doing the build thread on, will report how it works on a 40 size. if it doesn't hold up I have plenty cable, but spiderwire easy to use.
I've done a few pull-pull setups... They work okay.. Getting the geometry nailed is a little challenging at times.... And with most of the birds I've been building lately having unsheeted fuses... the tube thing in the fuse doesn't work out too good... I guess I could use eyelets... but control rods are just easier and way less maintainence.
Ron, I used 60 lb SpiderWire on the Pull-Pull rudder on a SE, It was still working great when I sold it! :wink:
I have no problem with pull-pull in general. It's running the tubes thru the fuse that I don't like. I've never had one of these setups that centered worth a darn, and on my current Sledge the cables appear to be wearing grooves into the tubes and causing HUGE drag. I think pull-pull is much better suited to full fuselages where the cables can have a straight shot at the control horns.

thanks for the info, chuck! got the servo mounted inverted under c.f. tube aft of the ailerons with about an 8" straight shot for the wire. glad to know the spiderwire will handle the bigger plane!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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