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Prop help

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2 stroke or 4 stroke?
Magnum .25 2stroke133.33%
Thunder Tiger pro.25 2stroke133.33%
Thunder tiger 54 4stroke00.00%
Magnum .52 4stroke00.00%
MDS .28 2stroke00.00%
Irvine .25 2stroke133.33%
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With a .25 2 stroke for a mini 3D what prop should I use????

should I get some form of 4 stroke, if so which one with what prop???
Irvine .25 loves 9x4 or 10x3

4Strokers you've listed would be a lot heavier.
I use 10-4 apc on the(mini3d) os25fx,throtle is slow but lt moves out. l had used ma 10-4 with better transision but not much pull. hopes this helps you!

I had a Taco with a Irvine 25 and 10x3 prop. Awesome and strong combo. Best reliable engine I have ever owned.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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