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Project Sledge

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I've just recevied a Morris Sledge in the mail and I've already pinned the wing plan to the board, keen ha! I've posted this new topic for a number of reasons, to get an advice from you all out there, Some one must have built on. Any tips, do's and don'ts would be a great help. I'll try to keep you posted as to my progress.

She'll be hovering on a Irvine 53 and a 12 1/3 x 4 1/4 APC, what do you think?
Guidence, JR 770 spcm RX
JR DS 811 servos

P.S. I've only just come out of the dark ages and got a computer so the typing is a little slow and I don't have a clue what i'm doing.....
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I have had my sledge for over a year now, great choice you will love it! The irvine and that prop is a perfect combo and will be HEAPS for the sledge, mine hovers fine on a TT46 and 11.5x4.

I have been running standard servos and they have been fine up to this point but I think you will appreciate the precision of the digitals. I don't know if your plans have it marked but I added counterbalances to the elevator, they look cool and I have heard from others they improve pitch control and take some load from the servo. I just made the last 2.5" of the stab into elevator.

As far as the wing is concerned mine turned out fine by following the ideas in the manual. Sanding the leading edge is a pain, it seems impossible to get it round but with a bit of time you will get it.

I think the manual says to put the throttle servo in the middle rib, I found it easier to install it on the bottom wing sheeting near the fuse, just like the rudder and elevator servos but on the other side. I ran a nyrod to the carb, works great.
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The sledge is a great bird! You wont be sorry with your choice... Just builder 'er lite and be careful with the leading edge. What did you get in the kit? 3/4" tri stock or 1/4" x 1 for the leading edge? In either case, you have to be carefull with the sheeting to leading edge joint. Alot of guys try to take too much off during shapping for a really round leading edge, which isn't really necessary. Just round it off as best you can and don't sweat it...

After building 7 of them, I found that a trapazoidal piece balsa 3/8" wide x 1" with a 30 deg angle works the best on the leading edge on that wing... That way you'll have plenty of meat to get a nice round leading edge.

Good luck with the build, make sure to post some pics along the way!!
The packing sheet in the kit says that it's been updated, July 2002. Supplied with the kit is 2 1/4x1x3/4x24 tri stock. "Thanks for the tip", if i have any problems i'll replace the leading edge with some 1x1x1 that i've had sitting around for years.

The plans also show counterbalanced elevators and rudder, 60mm on the elev. & 50mm on the rudder. Good guess Mojoe, Thanx for the tip.

Mojoe..... You live in OZ don't you? Where did you get your Sledge from? Is someone importing them into Australia? I want a So-Do-Koi next!

Does anyone have anything else to say about the Irvine 53. I've a Irvine 61 in a pattern ship and it has no where near the GRUNT of a OS 61 FX.
jasonh, I am the designer of the sledge. If you have any questions you may post on this pro bro site or email me direct at [email protected]
Jeff Williams
May want to know about the aileron length...Jeff has that been updated?

Here is some insporation.. :lol:


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Good point Bill.... Check with Jeff to be sure, but if the plans haven't been updated, the aileron's will hit the fuse if you're going for lots of throw.. You may want to angle them out a bit at the root end of the aileron. I just measured in 1/4" at the leading edge and 1/2" at the trailing edge at the root end of the aileron for the first stick.

On the Irvine .53, That's an awesome engine... I've had several and they are a good match for the sledge...
Hey quin... We need to move this thread to the build forum....
Yes, I am an Aussie - live in Brisbane. I ordered mine direct from Morris Hobbies as a short kit. I got all the laser cut parts, the plans and a manual. How did you buy yours? My sledge is just about dead, too many tail first landings :p It is such a fun plane I might just build another over the holidays, exchange rate is pretty good at the moment.

Good luck with the build!
I got my sledge of ebay from Brisbane. Some bloke that goes by the name of Bob Phippen, Hatton Vale, Qld. Do you know him?
Can't say I've heard of him, is he still selling them? Is he importing them or cutting his own version?
Hi fellow Brothers,

Just a "where we are at" with the sledge. The wings are finnished x 2..... Yes thats right i'm building 2 at the same time.

Q. Has anyone found that the left wing panel is 1/4' bigger than the right side? I found out the hard way.

Q. Thanx for the pic's that you blokes have posted of your sledges. What's with the tank strapped to the fuze? Is there a ploblem with it's location in the left wing?
As per Swaney's request, you are now in the build forum area.
Put another 6 hour into the sledge today. Todate the wings have been compleated including ailerons, fuze finnish and now were upto the tail group. The build is sweet, all is well. The only probs have been the fact that the 2 wing halfs were diffrent sizes and the leading edge. I sanded straight through the D box 1/16 sheeting trying to get a good profile . Yes i've been warned but i still did it, WANKER. :oops:

Tonight will see the tail feathers finnished so we'll be upto sand and fill by the morning, I HOPE.


3D- fly it like you stole it :rockon:
Hey Ya'll, hows it hanging... ( off the prop i hope ) lol
thought i'de have a go at attatching some pics of my sledge. She's ready for a cover job and plumbing.. Good work Jason... :wink:

will post the finished/covered pics in a week or so..


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jason H said:
Q. Thanx for the pic's that you blokes have posted of your sledges. What's with the tank strapped to the fuze? Is there a ploblem with it's location in the left wing?
I think the prefered location of the tank has become on the fuse for two reasons. The first being that the fuel draws batter when located close to the motor, especially when in a hover. Some guys found the motor leaning from fuel starvation when hovering with the tanks in the wing.

The second major reason if that the plane fly's so good that you'll want to fly out every little drop of fuel and having a visible tank allows you to do without risking the bird.

And a little helpful hint that I personally found very helpful was lots of expo on the rudder. Just a little more than usual because the rudder is so extrememly effective. Without a lot of expo I found myself causing a lot of pilot induced oscillation.
Hey where's FLYBOYs ugly mug at........ :lol:
Have you noticed the diffrent shaped canopy? The 540T model egde has a much sweeter look to it.
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