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Profile Jumbo!?!

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What do the Bro's think of this?

I may just build it...
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Just when you think you've seen everything! :shock: That thing's pretty weird. So weird it's wicked!

I think you should build one. Looks like an eye catcher. I know I would build one just for the sheer fun behind it. I doubt it'll be very 3D capable but shite can you imagine a Jumbo hovering down on the deck? :D
I saw something similar a long time ego, but the one I saw had profile turbine housings under the wings. It looks like a unique project. I'd say go for it!
Hey Wowbagger,
Thats cool,different, an attention getter.

Build it.!!! I am thinking about building one and also making one into a SPAD. Thats the "Cheap Way"

I think it would be a fun build.

Looks like something that needs to be blown up to giant scale size. Give it the full effect of jumbo. Why not ... do it!
Hey, I didn't know there were plans for that. I saw one a few years ago at the Henderson KY fly-in and thought it was just a one-off scratch built from someone, but it looked almost identical to that one. I do remember it was pretty fast and the guy just flew it like a regular fun-fly.
Hmmmm,seeing that bad boy, "full scale" do a tail touch
would be really neat to see.!!!

Interesting. Did you see the "new Manuver? They talk about harrier like it's new, OH my, flying backwards!
Hey Gordo,You missed the most important part.
It was actually climbing backwards. Wow.! Wow.! Wow.!
he, he, he,

Well,I am married to a woman from another country,and
sometimes I bust a gut at some of the things they say,and do.

I would like to see a pro Bro go "down under" there and fly an OMP Yak or OMP 540 Edge, or Taco and just watch their faces.

I think its funny how other people from other countrys express themselves. I get a kick out of it.

ha ha ,

Mathewson for AMA Pres. Down with Brown
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I have a set of plans for the Profile 747. I also had a friend who built one and put tri-gear retracts in it and had it covered in the UPS scheme. He would anounce his flight as "Here is what happens to your packages at UPS" and then do a fast take off roll, jerk it to vertical, climb and do a snap roll or two, then proceed to wring it out.

No offense to UPS Pilots...I know a few of them, and they are great guys.

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