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Pro Bros & The Extreme Aerobatic Club 3D Fly In

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Hey guys,
Just wondering if the Profile Brotherhood would have an interest in joining the Extreme Aerobatic Club in a 3D fly in? What I am thinking about is a fly in that would alternate each hour through out the day. Half the day would be allotted for the profiles to fly and the other half would be for the Big Birds. Depending on what time of year we had it in (leaning toward summer)we should be able to get a good 11 hours of flight time. Five hours for each with an hour for demos around noon. I think this would be a great why to expose both groups to each other and give the spectators a great show. Let me know what you think and if you would be interested in coming to such an event.
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Sounds like fun to me..... The more flyins.... the better!!
Sound's like a plan to me!!!!!
Yep, sounds like a great time. We need the 3D community to be united, what a great way to promote the 3D cause than to show we are all the same, just different planes!!!!
Sounds OK to me...One question though..would there be any rules?
Yes there would be one rule. You gotta have fun!
I'd definately try to make an event like this. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and get some decent weather too...

I just have one question. Who is gonna pay for the big ass "Impeach Dave Brown" banner? I'd pitch in $20...

Really, I think it's a great idea, but if it's in LA, it's too far for me to drive. All 3D pilots, no matter the size of the plane, need to stick together.

Does this mean you (Blaine Austin, right?) are a Pro Bro now, or are you just visiting?
Well, I don't own a profile at the present time but once I did. I just want to see our sport of 3D grow regardless of the type or size of plane you fly.
The event wouldn't be in New Orleans. You can't get to NO from where you are. I'm thinking maybe in Nashville.
AirplaneBlaine said:
You can't get to NO from where you are. I'm thinking maybe in Nashville.
Man you got that right. I've been telling these guys that you can't be serious about RC and live in the great frozen North!

Nashville? Well, it's totally not my place to decide, but how about asking Billy Hell about the planned ProBro in Sept in Nashville? Save some planning, just a thought.

Glad yuo're here Blain, we all know your a ProBro at heart.
I'd be up for Nashville! Should have a burrito ready and my sledge repaired soon. I really enjoyed the Merigold event, even though the wind never co-operated.

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