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World Mass Hover at 1:14pm, Sat. Sept the 25th-
This will be the official WORLD MASS HOVER time.
While most of the Bros are at the Nashville King Daddy Pro Bro you can join use in a hover no matter where you live!
So every Brother will hover at that exact time.
It is a way to band together and possibly throw the world off it's axis.
So get you bird ready and figure out the time you need to get the thing hanging.
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Cool! I'm gonna try, but it might be tough to hover at that time, depending on how long Hurricane Charlie hangs around. Does it still count if the plane is horizontal, throttle wide open? Hmm... might need to try like a 10-8 prop to get the ground speed up to zero.
If hurricane charlie hangs on for a month and a half, I'm thinking flying rc is going to the last thing on your mind. Can you imagine, 100mph winds for over a month. There wouldn't be anything left of FL! And then we couldn't have the Lakeland Pro-Bro. Don't start shit like that!

Oops I thought it was THIS Sat. Duh-huh. I'm still gonna try it, though.What day is it, anyway?
Sat. Sept 25th is the big day.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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