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Dudes,,,i think we may need to start our own langauge(sic), here are my submissions to the "BOOK OF PRO BRO"

1. STARFISH= an ill smelling channel
2.ARKANSAS= attaching or hooking up your alierons backwards :D
(sorry razorback if you post here)

I know when we have congragated we have thrown a few more around.......lets see what everybody comes up with
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As in:
"I Gatored that one right into my cranium!"

Or "He Gatored it and has a nasty cut"
When you are tail touching and the wind flips you over
Ok how about this:

Doin a #9...Tailtouchin

[email protected]#% #@%*%$

BBS...Bizzaro Built Sledge

Damn that is Bad Ass...covered by Gator


TR'n...Torque rollin

3D'n...Flying like a Pro Bro

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"Thumped it" Easily repairable
"Smucked it" This will take some effort
"Plowed it" How much is a new one?
"Planted it" Help me dig out my engine, OK?
"Ate it" Anybody got a match and a can of lighter fluid?
Augered It..Same as Ate it :lol:

beer expo---low rates

orez---looser (zero spelled backwards)

fagitation pipe---exaust deflector


planted a balsa tree---augered

lawn dart---augered

hey guys, check this out---will auger shortly

"I got hit"---pilot error

me not afraid---watch for airborn shrapnel

whore/bitch---beater airplane

this airplane is dumb---it rocks!


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ok Ill play

Thrash = build new airplane because your old one is trash

Spooge = fingerprints and other disgusting material others deposit on your brand new plane

Dubbs = wheels and other parts lifted ,I mean borrowed, from your buddys plane

dragging ass = inverted rudder dragging

Yak Ass = every club has these guys who never fly BUT tell you how to

Mouch = the same guy who allways needs whatever at the field
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Spooge = fingerprints and other disgusting material others deposit on your brand new plane.

I had always wondered what that crap was... :lol: 8)

"beer expo" :lol: I like that.

another entry:
SMAGMA....same as "spooge"
Smegma is something you really DONT want to have on your airplane !!!!
or anywhere near you!!!! unless your a staring cast member on that queer eye for the strait guy show or something
heres some more

NUKED = totaly wasted and worse than FUBAR- and forget shoveling out your motor! ITS NOT THERE!!just the scattered atoms remain

Moosed = drunk off your ass

Butt Pirate =pretty much self explainatory

Fragged = when someone flys into your airplane -midair

Cup-o-mud = the thickest,strongest coffee

Napalm Rocket= jet powered aircraft

Cocktail Cruise= drunk driving

Camo Wrapper = the fake soda wrapper you put on your beer-just keep lotts of breath mints handy!!

Bob Marlley = smoking illeagal tobacco

Enjoy :lol:
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near kit:

a save too close to the ground for comfort
Circle flyers: Anyone who doesn't 3D

Dorked it: Broken prop and such for a small f-ck up!

Making it my Bitch: Harrier landing at your feet

Quick Patch: Packing Tape

Extra Strength Quick Patch: Duct Tape

Airplane Sex: Taking someone else's airplane and having your way with it

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Hot Toddy: Burned your finger on the engine

Talkin' Smack: Saying unintelligible words after the prop kicks back against your finger.

Tamale: Bloody, slashed finger after it's been wrapped with gauze.
Sheesh, I thought we'd at least see some that I've actually heard the Bros use. Here's a few I picked up from the trip to Nashville last year.

Freq (said "freak") = frequency

turfed = easily repairable crash.

turf dance = that infamous cartwheel that comes after a botched tail touch or low torque roll.

harmed = when your plane becomes unflyable plane due to some level of damage.

violated = You've been violated when someone is hovering over your plane while it's still on the ground.
Here's a few I've heard hanging with the Bro's

Confetti: An airplane only Paul can (or is willing to) repair.

The Taunt:
That statement shouted by onlookers which results in an Auger.
Usual form:

The Brag:
That statement shouted by the pilot which results in an Auger.
Usual form:
"Hold my Beer. Watch This!"
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Ah..... Dickshinary... !!!!

Someone PLEASE educate me on what a 1% is.


Dan :oops:
Hey, Bizzaro and I are really getting the words down!!! We spent Saturaday "Making them our bitches" and we both did LOTS of "Turf Dances"! We even managed a few #9's and I think we "violated" each other (oh, and a guy with a trainer) a few times!

Here's my entries:

Harem: All those pretty girls you refer to as your "planes" who give you all the pleasure you want and never ask for anything except more fuel.

Usage: "Here is a picture of my Harem, they really know how to please"

Gator-cote: The best damn covering job known to man, bar none! Often seen taking the form of a Spider-Sledge, a Bad Ass flag, or other unbelievable eye-catching graphics! Hard to come by but can sometimes be had for trade for a Sledge in the bones by one lucky bastard!

Usage: "Man, that plane looks AWSOME, must be a Gator-cote job."

#1'n : Violating the #1 rule of the ProBro's, NO WHINING!!!!!!

Usage: "Damn it guys, quit #1'n and fly!"
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