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Pro Bro 1084

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Hey all,

Good to see some familiar faces/names here. Off to look around......... :)

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Hey Mike, welcome aboard!
Hey Chuck. You're both a familiar name and a familiar face (avatar)! :D

Thought I'd come and tip a few with the other bros around here. Anything I should know about this place?
Yeah.... Everyone is crazy!!! and almost anything goes!!
Hey PS! I guess if they let me in, they must not hold the reigns too tight! :wink:
One tip I can think of just dont try to look like a goat. It would be a sad day if some of these guys saw something that looked like one in here. You would never be the same again.
mhawker said:
Anything I should know about this place?
Yep, that this place rocks and RCU sucks ! Oh yeah, and also that you can use the words ***, Ass, Piss and other here :wink:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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