I am moving soon and do not have room. Flying Primo with 46AX, Flying Giant Wild Tiger with 55AX (I think), Flying Moass 60. They all have servos, some recievers, some batteries, The kits $150 each plus shipping. The planes $250 for the Primo, $250 for the Giant Wild Tiger, $300 for the Moass. Also have a framed up not sure but a bro approved plane. That one goes to whoever buys all this stuff. I can't ship the planes. Got a bunch of CJ stuff also, Ultra sport 40, Phaeton Biplane (flying with OS 4 stroke forget what size) and servos in it. A few 46 engines $75 each, some Macs headers.

Best way to reach me is at [email protected] or 513-290-9179