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Precision Aerobatics Bad Boy ARF - SOLD -

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O.K. Fellas,

I got a Precision Aerobatics Bad Boy ARF to sell. Go here for info: ... prodID=111

I bought this plane and it was damaged in shipping. It's not hard to fix, but some of the ribs were damaged. I went a round with them and just decided to fix it myself. Now gotta move it for another project. I paid $149.95 plus about $40 for shipping. I will sell for $125 firm, buyer pays shipping. I still have the pieces that broke if you want to cut in and fix them. One rainy fall night and it's done. This plane comes with all hardware and 2 piece removable wings. Very LITE!

Respond here or PM me.

Thanks for looking guys,

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I can get pics in a day or two.

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