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power supply for at home quick charging with field charger?

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hey guys,

i have a field charger that i like to use, but it draws to much juice from my field box so i am wiring it to a cig. light adapter.
where can i find a cheap...powersupply i can have in my dorm so i can quick charge stuff in the room instead of out in a car?
something like this ?

anyone know of a cheaper one ?
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somebody did a great post about building a PC power supply for this they are cheap or free if you can find an old one (the old ones are better actualy) i just cant find it,,, where is it guys???
I've lost the link to the post I had found about this. I'll keep trying to find it.

Don't jump and buy that one from Fry's, yet. I remeber in the post I saw something about making sure the pc power supply you used would put out 10 amps. The link you posted showed only 4 amp output. I don't think you'd be happy with thye results.

Go to search and type in pc power. Its on the second page about half way down. I dont know how to link to it, but its there.
The PC power supplies are probably the cheapest route but another way to go is to get one of the good high ouput supplies like ham radio operators use to power their rigs. Astron is one brand name. They make supplies ranging in capacity from 4 amps on up to at least 60 amps. I don't know how the cost compares to some of the other stuff out there but I do know that they are reliable and built solid as a rock. I guess I'm lucky to have my Astron 35 amp supply sitting here under the desk. I use it to power my ham rig as well as to charge batteries with my Triton charger. I can't imagine ever needing more amperage than that for RC applications.
Oh yeah, read the specs on any supply very carefully. A lot will be rated in peak amperage and the continuous duty output will be a bit lower. My supply will allow 35 amps to be drawn peak but it's more like 25 amps continuous.
oh shit fellas..
i cant build one of those..
im just a college student..and not an electrical engineering major either..
anyone want to build one for me
ill even try to find a power supply for you to hack up lol?

or should i just get one prebuilt..

what should the amp rating be at least 10 or what..
because the max charge rate is 2.5 how come a power supply rated at the same come it wouldnt be good enough ?\
I have one by pyramid and it works fine.

It powers my hobbico quick field charger just fine.
I'm just curious but why do you want to quick charge inside? We have power outlets at my field which is why I bought one.
I bought a 25 amp model at Radio Shack for $75.00.
i plan on charging inside when im just charging batteries for some little cars or just another battery that i cant hook up to the other chargers..

what amp rating should i get for just a hobbico field charger?

Here you go! Try this one! But, don't delay - there are only 6 left. Pretty easy setup for even the electrically challanged. 13 amp output.

Dude, it's super easy. Just a matter of clipping a few wires and wrapping them around a bolt. Read through it only takes an hour or two. And damn near freeeeeeeeeeee.
More thoughts on the amperage requirements.

The post I saw at some other site was definitely a couple years old, hence I think it was targeted towards charging NiCad on NiMh batteries. If I'm half as smart as I think I am, you push a lot more amps into those old packs as opposed to LiPolys. Probably why they called for at least 10 amps from the power supply...

Of course, if you have too much to begin with you won't be left wanting :D

If you can get your hands on an old "big box" type computer AT power supply you wont need anything else except a connector. call around to some computer stores and ask for old used power supply's, otherwise what you had picked in the first post works great. I have one very similar
I looked around and I happen to have an older but new JDR AT style computer PS. (Im a computer hardware tech) It shows 11.7v unloaded when plugged in, and comes up to 11.8 when I plug a load on (HardDrive). 12v at 6 amps. If you want it I'll ship it to you for 10 bucks assuming your in the con US 48. You would just use the yellow and black wires off one of the connectors. E mail me if your interested
Radio shack 15 amp $79.99
Radio shack 25 amp $99.99
Astron 18 amp $189
Astron 25 amp $269
Astron 35 amp $299

Convert a P.S. 4.2 amp and up to 6 amp $7.37 to $10.
Used 13 amp on E-Bay today $26.50

All would work I would think, but bang for the buck for new is the RS 25amp.

take your pick, I would get the one from smallfly if you don't need a a lot of amps.

BTW Hi Smallfly I have the same type of job as you,
Got to get to work now I have a PowerEdge server that just shit the bed.
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I am using the 25 A one from Radio Shack (bought it while it was on special for $69 I think) and am totally happy with it. I made me a little box with a Y harness in there so I can hook up two chargers at the same time. No problems what so ever.
i guess i will try my luck with the pc power supply..since i dont have cash to shell out for a real one :)

so lets say i get shocked by 12 volts...would that hurt bad ?
since its only 12 it cant hurt to bad can it ??


sorry i know nothing about electricity and what not..
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