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Posting pics in albums?

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Can I post new pics into the Mo ProBro album? Or do all new pics go to the general gallery?

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The Mo Pro gallery lives in the Pro Bro General Gallery. I was messing around with it last night. I thought that would be less complicated. If not I can pull it back out and put it back. I'm trying to decide what works the best.

I like the way it is with the Southwest Mo album under the General Pro Bro. People can find it easy, and kinda makes us feel special with our own spot.

Adam Q
that's how i'm going to leave it
Thanks for the responses, but what I'm really trying to figure out is why I can't upload into the Mo gallery. Even if I log into the gallery, there is no upload button like there is in the main ProBro gallery.

More strangeness:

In the ProBro gallery, I am able to upload pics. But if I click on a pic to view full-size, nothing comes up. The pics show up fine in the index, just not full size.

In the other 2 galleries, I can view pics just fine in either the index page or full size. But, no uploading.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

When you get in your gallery do you see a drop down menu button that says admin?
Nope. I get that button in the ProBro gallery but not the others. I'll take a look at it from work tonite and see if it's just my computer.

I went through the MoPRo Gallery and you had one gallery within the gallery. It was empty so I deleted it. Then I went through your gallery and made all the preferences so you could upload and delete photos. I'm curious how it works for you now.
Everything works great in the MO gallery! Still can't seem to view the pics in the ProBro gallery, but that looks like an issue with my computer since it works fine at work. Thanks for your help.

One must login everytime to upload pics. This may be why he had trouble uploading.

When I set this gallery up, my intentions were to only allow the Southwest Missouri Bros to upload images to the Southwest Missouri Pro Bro gallery. Otherwise anybody could dump pics in there that has nothing to do with the title of the gallery.

I was waiting for Gary to register so I could set the permissions to let him in to upload pics. Same with the other Southwest Pro Bros. I had a sub-album in the gallery highlighting our Pro Bro event back in Sept. The rest of the gallery was for misc. pics. Today I went in and renamed the gallery back to Southwest Missouri Pro Bros and reset the permission screen only to allow "Gary Seeloff" and "rcam" to upload pics to the gallery since they are the only Southwest Bros registered. I didn't bother making a sub-album for the Sept Pro Bro meet because if this is going to be too much trouble to do then I'll just dump the pics and delete the gallery.
:roll: I had to make my username for the gallery 'gseeloff' because it wouldn't take the 'space' in my normal username. (Yes, I'm Gary Seeloff in the forum) I login all the time, sometimes several times in a row because it doesn't seem to have any effect. If you're setting prefs for 'Gary Seeloff' and I'm having to register as 'gseeloff' then I suppose that could be the problem.

I've been able to upload to the general ProBro gallery this whole time, regardless of being logged in or not. Is that simply because the permissions are set so that anyone can upload?


PS How about deleting the partial file 'picture14' for me? I stopped it during upload when I realized I hadn't resized it.
Yep, I have the Pro Bro Gallery set so anyone can upload.
Just curious, have you folks thought about integrating a phpBB gallery so it's only the users of this forum that use your gallery ? (They would only have to logoin to the forum to upload)...just curious, because I haven't explored your gallery too much.
That would be great but I'm not sure how to do it.
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