All these are taking up too much room around the house. Decided to just get rid of them and focus on smaller stuff for a while. All prices are negotiable.

First up is a one of a kind Probolto. 70" span, approx 1525 sq in wing area. Originally had a DLE35 on the nose, but needed 14oz of weight to balance , so I swapped it out for a DLE55. With this engine, weight is 12lbs 7oz. Absolutely ballistic and a lot of fun. Selling bare airframe for $200. $450 with DLE55, and $500 with PowerHD LF20 servos.

Next is my prototype Fusion 75. As the name implies, it's a slightly scaled up Fusion made for a 35cc engine. Weight around 13lbs, balsa sheeted foam fuse, foam wings. Solid as a rock. No engine or servos. $150

Last is a nearly new Hangar 9 Valiant. Flown maybe 10 flights. Had a flameout on the4 first flight and damaged the cowl and right wing. Wing has been patched and is barely noticeable. Cowl has few cracks but not too bad and could be fixed pretty easily. Includes Dubro 6" balloon tires. Have the original 4" ones and wheel pants if you want to use those. $400 bare airframe.

I do NOT want to ship any of these, but will consider driving a reasonable distance to meet for a delivery.