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Planes, Engines, Crystals + Misc

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I don't know the value of most of this stuff. If I'm too high or too low, someone please PM me and let me know... Most reasonable offers would be accepted. Not sure about shipping on any of the big stuff.

I had another list of stuff I thought I would have to sell, but I don't need to so I took it down. This is all stuff I want to get rid of...

(Sledge Sold)
(Quattro Sold)
Su-Do-Khoi Sold
1/4 scale Extra Sold

Irvine .61 very little time on it. Mac pipe and original muffler - Spent a little time on a trainer but was too heavy for a 40 size. Runs smooth and reliable. $100

Irvine .72 with stock muffler and a sligtly damaged Pitts Slimeline. Mac Pipe from above will also fit this one -$100

Inya .15 w/out muffler. It's the old Mark IV, but has very little time on it. Runs great but loud as hell! $15

OS .15 FP. muffler broken in a midair. Still run fines, just loud. $15

Stinger .60 Airframe, hardware, and 6volt 1400mah battery. Just add radio gear and motor. Covered in Black Ultra Cote with neon green and yellow striping. Had to repair cowl and landing gear after a bad landing. No other damage -$100 Will sell RTF w/ either Irvine 61 or 72 and all radio gear for $225

SPA3D - Blue/Yellow coro w/ I beam airframe + landing gear. Flown a few times and just didn't like it.

5- Hitec HS-225MG servos (2-NIB) $85

3 - JR ch 48 RX crystals $10 each
2 - JR Channel 48 TX crystals $10 each
1 - GWS ch 48 micro RC crystal - $5
1 - GWS 4 ch receiver - $15

(BH - I'll remove this if it's an issue)

Sig Sauer P226 Nitron 9MM w/ 3- Pre Ban 15 round magazines
Hogue Grips, Trijicon night sites, Soft holster, hard case, Original box and instructions. $600 (this was my issued weapon as a police officer and will require $25 FFL transfer)

2 sets of Peerless Handcuffs + Peerless leg shackles $45
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Are the handcuffs and shakels covered in fur? If not would you cover them for me?
any pics of the spad 3d will you pull it apart and ship it i miss mine wtf would jack somebodys plane and not leave a note :lol:
Are the handcuffs and shakels covered in fur? If not would you cover them for me
Well, I'll include the fur and the glue... but you have to put it on your self lol.

any pics of the spad 3d will you pull it apart and ship it
PM me your email and Ill take a couple pics of it and email em to ya. No problem taking it apart.

Is the Su-Do-Khoi sold yet? Can you ship to 77356? :?: :pig:
oh forgot could you get a pic of the extra plane
Approx. how many rounds have been thru the P226??
Can you ship to 77356
YES. I can crate and ship to anywhere you wanna pay for lol. But you'd have to decide if it was still worth it...

could you get a pic of the extra plane
I'll try post some tonight

Approx. how many rounds have been thru the P226
I'd say at least a thousand Chuck. It was NIB when I got it and I didn't shoot it much other than quals and when I went through the academy. I carried it on duty for several years so there were yearly qualifications @ about 200 rounds each. (Shot expert with it all but once) The blueing is worn a little from going in and out of a holster but overall it's in pretty good shape. I you decide you want it, you can just have the cuffs and shackles if you want em lol. But I don't want to know what you would use em for.

I was askin' for my dad. He has a Sig 380 (P230?? not sure) that he really likes. I'll let you know if he's interested..
Cool... I'd love to sell it! It's just sitting around now. Just lemme know!

You could always use it for target practice on fatties that invade the profile fly ins.
Here is a pic of the Extra whatever it is. If anyone wants more pics, send me your email. I can only upload 1 at a time unless I chop it down allot. The cowl isn't mounted, it's just sitting there slightly propped up by the string.



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ok do you have pics of the spad the extra i think is a goldberg 300 great flying plane is covering in good shape would it be hard to recover it could you ship it
Emailed Prop and Chuck pics. Let me know if you got em.

As for the covering, it's in pretty good shape. As far as shipping... I'll ship whatever/however you want to pay for lol. I don't have a clue what it would cost to ship a 1/4 scale plane. It would have to be crated somehow I think.

rik sent you a pm
Nice talkin to ya Cap.. I'll let ya know.

All this handcuff talk worries me :p
It's ok if ur skeered... Just say your skeered. Just think Dan, if I don't sell em, I might just bring to Nash for ya :shock:
Oh babbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Cap. was great talking to you! Looking forward to meeting you in Nash...

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