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PK finished

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Took forever.. relative to my past builds. Thanks to Snakeman for helping out on the plan snafu. 3 pounds 4 ounces. Is that average? More or less used all kit stuff. Wish my wood was that hard. Webra 32. Ultra pipe. Hitec 225s with a 81 on the gas. 6 oz tank in the wing. Ran push rods down the side ala Burrito opposed to P-P. 6Hanger rashed a aileron gear. Hope to maiden this weekend if Servo City pulls through.


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That looks kick ass!! I really like the clear TE on the surfaces...

Wish my wood was that hard
Maybe a Viagra scheme next?? :D
Auger, what would you think of doing an electric version of the PK ? What would you recommend to lighten it up as well as power (Lehner I guess) ?

Oh and nice PK flipinflopin :wink:
Man that looks Sweeeeettttt!!!!
Heheheh he said "wood"! LOL

I'm with Auger that clear TE do is wicked! Love it!
Yeah, me too. The clear shit is a really nice touch.
that is sweet! reminds me of Fall, whats the WS on those Pk's?
Great job....... :D
What the hell's a PK? Nice job, dude! Looks like a knife, but what's the "P" for?
Man that trailing edge rocks :rockon:

I'd have never thought of that...nice!
Damn that looks good!
Sweet covering and at that weight it should fly well!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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