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Pissed off and angry !!!!!!

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Part of this is my own stupidity but still GRRRRR !!!!

I moved to a different town and to a job at the local airport. We did not have any room in our appartment for my models so he let me keep them at his other hanger. A sledge, Burrito, OMP edge, OMP Yak, FF-Taco, and a GP Spectra, all the radio gear, engines, tools etc. I left for another job but on good terms. I called today to come and pick up my RC stuff and he said I can't have it I had abandoned it. He would not say if he still had it, thrown it away, gave it away, sold it whatever. I am going over there tomorrow to see.

OMG I am pissed, and scared !!! There is no way I can replace this equipment, I had been collecting since high school, so about 12 years.

Sorry to dump on you I just needed to vent. FUCK !!!!!!
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He = former employer
Well, I'm not gonna try to quote any laws or stuff, but that is just fucking wrong. He has to know it's wrong, he has to know he's being a dick.
Good luck with getting them back.
I feel like to cry :cry: Then angry :rmad:

I always tell my wife "Don't worry until you have something to worry about" It's a lot harder on the other side.

As far as legal goes I don't think there is a lot I can do, But yes he is being a DICK.

Geez I can't calm down !!
Man I feel for you ....I know of a situations similiar to this one. It wasnt pretty. Hope you get your babys back.
Geez, that blows worse than a 5 dollar whore!!

Good luck getting your stuff back....
I would head on over there ASAP and get my stuff. I would at least find out if it was where I left it. He is a thief. Have you called the law?
I'd take a cop with me. Even if he thought he had a legit gripe (ie. you owed him money or something) the law would probably agree that he needs to handle that differently. If you call them and explain the situation they should be willing to send someone out with you (just like a domestic situation). It may intimidate him into giving up your stuff if he has it or if he has sold it etc. he will have to answer for that on the spot. It's theft! No two ways about it. If it was me, at the very least it would keep me from pounding the living shit out of him right there and then. :D

Chances are he's just being a dickhead. I've found that with people like that, the only way often to deal with them is be a bigger one. Face them head on so they know your dead serious. Otherwise they will continue to be a dickhead and things can drag on for months with no resolution.

As my grandfather (who was a 5' 5" prize fighter way back) used to say "Take one shot and make it count. You can't afford to let him get up and hit you back" :)
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:? Duude, that sucks. Sorry for the mess and trouble you have there. I would contact the law before going over there and ask exactly what can or can't be done legally. That way you have a feeling how to handle certain things.
Good luck and keep us informed.
damn Lom......... I trully feel for you.

However speaking as an employer.......... THis has happened to me also. I have had employee's use my business/hanger space for personal storage. I still do.

As an employer, When you leave, I would want you to take care of your personal items ASAP, as I would not want to be responsible for it. Too many bad things can happen. As a point of fact, consider the following example. A former employee, left his tool box and personal items here. I knew the stuff would be here for a while, as he had made arrangements with me about it. ( I had moved his stuff to a more private area, and locked his toolbox. )

Imagine my horror, when I find that his stuff was broken into, and pillaged. I put the word out to my current employees, put the stuff back, or that I would fire EVERYONE. Slowly but surely, his stuff reappeared. But not all of it.

SO I surely but slowly, replaced the suspected employee's. Its not hard to do. When they start acting funny...... something is up. I'd start probing here and there, and figgered out who the problems were. Over time, they were replaced. Since then no more problems.

One of my current employee's has stored his stuff here almost fve years, and no problems. :)

When the guy showed up, to pick up his stuff, we went over it and cataloged what was missing, gave him money for a good portion of it. He was very happy.

However, the situation you described, plus you say you had discussed it with the former employer..................... Its clear to me, your former employer is in the wrong here.

However you have rung his bell. He knows you are coming. The stuff is now endangered. Get over there ASAP.

Lom............ Listen to what cplant and BillyHell has to say. If you can, take the Law with you.

I agree with the others. This is chickenshit.
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I have just had an idea. How about a sticker that says

IF FOUND EMAIL [email protected]"

and then maybe a skull and cross bones. I could have these printed up real cheap and get a ton of them.
Really cool idea!
Hey that is a cool idea.

Well here goes I took some time off from work and I'm heading down there. I'll keep you updated as I can. :horse poop:
IF FOUND EMAIL [email protected]"
OK Bros if there was ever time I needed your help this would be it!!!

Turns out the RC I left is considered abandoned and he has a legal right to it. However he does not want it, he does want me to pay back for some books he bought for me, and seeing as he is all about his money he wants storage. So for $500.00 I can have it all back.

The guy is an asshole no doubt but he has me by the balls.

So for sale I have an OMP Yak opened but all there.
A Great planes Spectra still in the box.
2 MVVS .49's Damn near brand new.

Thats what I have from memory I can part with.
Deserate times desparate measures :cash:
Wow duuuude... That totally sucks... I can't believe that guy would hold your stuff hostage like that... Too bad you don't live a little closer.. We could get a posse together...
If I give him $500 will he give the planes to me?

Just kidding....this sucks balls.
You can't do least not in CA. I'm an employer. If an employee left stuff here, I would become a bailee for their stuff and would take on a duty to make sure nothing happened to it.

Thats why when an employee leaves, I make sure they have everything with them and I mail shit to them if I have to.

No court in their right mind would except that someone abandoned several thousands $'s worth of planes and equipment. I would send a demand letter and then sue him in small claims court myself.
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