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guys, I've had this motor for a couple years, had it in a ripmax zephyr that would hang on the prop with a 9-6e and a 3000 6 cell nimh.

what is a good setup for this in a 3d; prop size, do i need gearbox, battery setup, plane setup (e-taco, hopefully?)

I am fairly ignorant with electric setup, mostly fly glow; HOWEVER... I know enough about electric to ask the guys doing it how they do it- and listen to 'em! :D
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I have never used this motor, however if you put a gearbox on it the prop dia. will increase and pitch should decrease, that will help on the 3d stuff.
If possible go to lipos that will help the most
Ron, I'll be happy to point you to Motocalc or another power prediction software. motocalc's free for 30 days.

First though, we'll need some more info:

a) do you have any other requirements (other than this motor, and 3D, for example, do you have a battery pack you also want to use, etc.)

b) whats your cost limit here?

c) do you have the equipment/patience for LiPo's already, or do you need to get it? remember this for the cost issue.

d) how long do you want to fly on a pack?


besides all that, max spec RPM is 20k, which is miraculously the same as 11.1V -> 3s lipo. you'll want it geared down around, say, 7500 rpm, which would be like 2.66:1 gearing, but lets dig that back to 2:1 to account for voltage sagging.

so motocalc is showing me that an APC 12x6E will kick out about 48 oz thrust at 7500 rpm and 29 amps

a 12x4 (graupner, but i used the same prop constant) would be at 45oz thrust and 24 amps

both of these are going to need a lipo pack that can kick out 30+ amps, something like a TP2100 10C 3s2p or a tanic 3s2p 2500. both'll run around 9 ounces and $160 or so.

on the other hand, 3s voltage or even 300W in *could* be pushing the limits of this motor, i cant tell.

how much does a taco weigh, empty? it'd be nice to know how much room is left for power gear.

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