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Password Protection

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1.) I don't know how hard it would be or if it is even possible, but having a "Private Forum" with a special password on it would be nice. The password could be changed every so often and only given out by phone/email/pm etc so that not just any registered troll can get into it. This would eliminate the problems with minors (sorry Jack :p we might make an exception for you) getting into something they shouldn't and give the Bro's a private place to talk to the group about whatever and mention issues that need not be discussed in the public forums.

2.) A password for chat would also be helpful. It's too easy for a troll to come into chat as any name they choose and say whatever they want. Having to at least login and enter a password would sign them in as there assigned login/user name on the site. It would also be nice to lock out "guests" so that they can't come in and anonymously rant without anyone knowing who they are.

Just some stuff I think would be beneficial if it's possible.

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As for #1. It's possible, but totally up to BH.

#2. I'm already working on that. I have a module for this forum that is a live chat system. It uses the same login as this forum system. Hopefully a week or 2 away.
Working that in the forums would be great! Glad you were already working on it!

As for #1, what do ya think Billy ?

That would be a good idea but my concern would be the Bros that don't come in every day and miss the password. I can email everyone on the list. We could try it and see how it goes. The only other hole I see is anyone could register on the forum and I wouldn't know if they were a Bro or just a troll. They would still be emailed the new password.
After all I've seen about the Mojo, I might be able to give a DNA sample to prove my identity...

If you know what I mean :drunk:


If you don't, who needs a prosis forum with birds like that :rockoncool:
Um... EWWWWW! You're wrong for that!!!

This is probably the 3rd post I've read over here that refers to "Trolls" since we had creative differences with RCU. WE've started to develop an US or THEM mentality - which - I suppose - is OK when WE're pissing & moaning about THEIR policies or unwritten rules or a certain someone's sexual preferences. Here's a wake-up call boys: WE just can't keep THEM out - period. There's no sure-fire way to do it - period. If some asshole wants to come over here & spy on US - HE's gonna figure out a way to do it. I shoudn't say it ain't possible to lock THEM out. But the sort of security measures WE'd have to implement would be extremly counter-productive to what WE want to do over here anyway. So how 'bout WE just go about OUR business & let THEM come on over & learn how a site like this should be managed? Let THEM watch US grow on without THEM. Sure - if somebody wants to cause trouble - we can lock out a specific username or a specific PC. But there are other PCs and it's easy enough to make up a new username. I'm no expert - but I'd be willing to bet I could get back in here if I were locked out. (Please don't lock me out. I'm way too lazy & fat to cause trouble.) Maybe it's just me, but I just don't see the benefit of this. I'm sure somebody will enlighten me if I need it... flame on, Xena.
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Actually, for once, you and I agree. Now about that music.....
steener said:
Actually, for once, you and I agree. Now about that music.....
Holy Hell, Batman!
I'm pretty sure that's the first sign of the Apocalypse!
Now what's next - dogs & cats sleeping together?!
Shit! I have vacation days I'd better use up before it's too late...
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