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ouch..don't do this

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Never started my bird on a bench untill yesterday. well I got stung when I reached over to put down the starter.

Not as good as the shots of your ate-up fingers ....hope to not have to do that!!


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That's nothin -- a guy in our club flew his Raptor 50 with carbon blades into himself. Cut his forearm up *really* bad and he was lucky to escape without major tendon damage.

It's healed now but still looks like it was put through a meat mincer!

I've got a cluster quite noticeable scars on my right hand where I had a tangle with a tricked-out engine turning an 8" prop at around 19,000 RPMs. It didn't hurt but I recall that it temporarily blinded me because it flicked a lot of blood over my face and into my eyes. That was a bit frightening!

On the plus-side, chicks love scars :)
Yes put some salt on it. You'll have lots of chicks :p
I had a very hot os .46 head give me a perfect brand once. Now that was a cool scar!
Damn, Thats kinda freaky. The same day you did that, I benched my heli motor with the clutch and fan assembly on it. I started it up and the vibration moved the throttle to full power. When I went to kill it, my finger got stuck in the fan and broke of 6 of the 8 fins. It looks like hell and feels like hell. So I went down and got the aluminum fan. Next time all just take the finger off...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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