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Just started building my Burrito tonight, and I'm already fucking up. Came up with my own wing mod- first there was the Kentucky wing, then Arkansas ailerons, and the Missouri something-or-other if you do there's the Florida Special! Just use 2 of your regular ribs to double up the center ribs, come up two ribs short, go "hey these ribs without notches must just be for shipping, to protect the other ribs...hmmm, that's strange, they're bigger than the other ribs, I'll just make 2 more out of these!" Then after you do it, you realize those were your wingtips! Oh, well, when I take the wing off the board, I can just glue some sheet on there and cut off everything that don't look like a wing. At least I'll have an EXTRA-tough center section now! Maybe I should just go to bed now.5 o'clock comes early...
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Sounds like you have the same talent I have. Im sure it will come together for you before to long.
Been there - done that - bought a T-shirt, Well - not exactly that, but I stopped reading the manual after I started covering stuff. Did I mention - this is my first balsa build? If I can do this - any numb-nut can! I just finished the covering - I'll start assembly tomorrow. I'm gonna post in my build thread now...
If I can do this - any numb-nut can!
thanks for the encouragement....I think?
I think your right crazystix. He just called you a numb-nut! :shock: [/quote]
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