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One more Tennessee Pro Bro

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Well..guy's I have been registered here since March..and following you guy's longer than that on RCU!!

But I love to fly 3D..and since I know the only guy's that can fly true 3D is the Pro Bro's I would like to join up with you guy's!!!

My CG 540 Edge is in the shop with a broken I am flying a 60 size UCD and a 40 size Pizazz. I am slowly mastering this hovering gig, but the torque rolling is giving me a fit!! But I am getting there!!

Swaney I would love to get one of those Mojo's..but I know at Pro Bro #1059 I will have a long wait.
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Welcome aboard HOOTER - too bad you're not twins.

I'm originally from Knoxville. I don't think Jackson is anywhere close - otherwise I might bump into you during the yearly pilgramige (Did I spell that right?).
Thanks Hooter.... Glad to have you aboard!! Where do you fly out of? I go thru Jackson all the time... Would be fun to know a bro that way we could go fly with sometimes...

Anytime you're in Memphis, you're welcome to come fly with us.

Hope to have that Mojo going this weekend...
I fly at the West Tennessee RC flyers. We have a beautiful 800'x180' bremuda grass field (fairway quality) about 3 miles off I-40 north.

We would love for you guy's to come up and fly with us. We have 62 members..a mix of pattern flyers, funflyers, heli's, and one guy has a 44% Cardin. Only a couple of us are trying to get serious about the 3D stuff.

Check us out at :

A map to the field from I-40. ... t-2003.pdf

We fly every Saturday & Sunday. Everybody is more than welcome to join us.
Swanney, you guy's fly at Millington or Arlington?
There are a few bro's up in Millington, but most of us fly at the Propbusters field in Arlington... Don't get us confused with the other field in Arlington..... VERY anti 3d....
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