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Should be getting a New 40 size Yak in the mail in a few days. :) Does anyone have any suggetions or tips on building this plane. Plan on putting a new OS FL70 4 stroke on it. 8) Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks


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yes dont get that motor, its dogshit, its a 4banger with abc which is a mistake, and an airbleed carb, saito 72 or 82.
its a good 4banger for a circlejerk sorry if you already got it, return it if you can. I just got off the phone with fuelguy (Brian Knows engines) and we talked about this thing, he said lots of people are returning them
good plane though :D
I'm all with Spastic here. Air bleed carb, ABC on a 4-banger?? And it's close to 2 ounces heavier than a Saito 72?

Also avoid the OS Surpass II 70. It runs fine but at 20.6 ounces it's heavier than a Saito 91 :shock:

4-Stroke on a 40 sized profile bird, Saito 72/82 or YS63.
Ditto on the engines. I have a OS .50SX on mine, ok so it's got a little bit too much power but we like it that way.

1st Tip I can think of now is pay some attention to the servo lead passage in the fuselage. The hole between the wing and the fuz where the leads will need to pass through has to be made BIG! I didn't cut mine open well enough and had a hard time getting the connectors through. Oh and on the fuselage side, beware of laminating it on a bench or something. Get a solid concrete floor like maybe the garage floor which will not give when you load it with weight. Remember to put some glass or something between the fuz and the floor :lol:

I put mine on a tiled floor. Then a 32DV polystyrene 50mm sheet. Then a 6mm sheet of glass, then the fuz and then another 50mm sheet of polystyrene. Then the weight on top of all that. IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!! Hehehe. Ok well as soon as you put too much weight on the whole setup bends a little bit and makes a mess. So plan this one carefully and do it right the first time and its a piece of cake.

Uhmmm....thats all advice I can give. It's too easy to build so it's smooth sailing apart from that. :lol:
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Constrictor said:
The new OS 70 claims to be actually lighter than the saito .72. Whats wrong with air bleed? My YS rocks and is air bleed
Snakeman, published weights via tower and horizon sites:

OS 70FL with muff 18.3 ounces
Saito 72 with muff 16.6 ounces

Tower also lists the OS70FL, bare engine at 16.5 ounces here: ... LXGRP4&P=0

Also, I have one of the 70 SurpassII's and it is noticably weaker than my Saito 72's. This engine (70FL) is not promoted as being any more powerful than the SurpassII version, just simpler and lighter. So less power than a Saito 72 and a little more weight. No thanks.

And you know as well as I do that YS's 'airbleed' carb is nothing like this low cost OS airbleed carb. YS's carb is a very refined high performance carb designed to work with their pressurized system, a whole different animal.
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