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OMP 540 w/OS .46 FX and Tuned Pipe. SOLD

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This plane has seen better days, but is still in one peice. I will remove my RX and Battery. Included and installed are 5 Futaba S148's. Engine runs very well, and I will include the stock muffler.

This plane is turn-key with your RX and battery.

I will not ship this plane under any circumstances. We will have to meet half-way. I'd like to drive no more than an hour or so.

Check out my gallery for a pic of the plane.

I'll start at $200, make me an offer.
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Met planeplanter in a partially abandoned shopping center in Bellefontaine this weekend. We put a flight on it, and he took it home with him. Dave Brown would have been proud!!

It was a pleasure to meet Steve, good luck with your new Edge.
Citabriapro, Yeah D.B. would have been proud! :shock: I know alot of people driving by got a kick out of it.
Thanks again for meeting me, Got to fly the Edge all day yesterday :D WOW that thing will haul the mail, Actualy got it to climb in a flat spin (thanks for the tips)
It was great to meet you also.Hope you didn't get soaked on Saturday and whenever your down this way again get in touch with me so we can go fly. Thanks again Gene.
Will do Steve, glad you'll get some use out of the plane.
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