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OMP .40 Yak wing construction

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Here's a pic of my Yak wing. Built it on the jig as the instructions say but the trailing edge has some warps in may 1/4" at the most. Will this be critical to correct? If so how do I correct this? Sorry it won't let me post
the pic, it says it's to big of a file.
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Well sir. Sorry but it is rather important to get the trailing edge as straight as possible. Have you glued the top and bottom trailing edge sheeting on yet? If not you have an option here. Before you do it make sure you pin the whole thing down perfectly straight and the sheeting should fix the problem.

I am guessing that you already have glued the sheeting on so you might have a small problem here. You did sand the trailing edge stock to shape in with the ribs right? Is this where the warps came in? You can try to sand the sheeting a little bit to get it straighter. Just take your time with this and try to get it right. Otherwise if it's really critical you could also try to pin the whole thing down properly and wet the aft parts of the wing a little bit. The water might help bend the wood right. I dunno I need more details as to what you have done and what you haven't done yet. If it's only tiny warps you should be ok. Say if it bows to the tip you can always try to straighten it with the covering afterwards. I dunno.

Get the pic resized in paint and save it maybe as a different file type so you can post it.
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Thanks for the help. I just help the wing straight as I glued on the

trailing and all the sheeting and now it;s perfect. 8)
AWESOME! Glad you got it sorted. If there is still a slight warp like maybe a bow type thing after everything you can try to get it out by twisting it with the covering. We do this alot on the gliders to get some washout in the wingtips. Works great but you have to check it once in a while and maybe redo it.
How did you test to see if the wing was not warped, i have been wondering about this for a while becasue it is a symmetrical wing right.
I eyeball mine off the board. If you look down the trailing edge from the one wingtip to the other you can easily see any warps. :lol: Same with the leading edge and same with the top and bottom spars. Just look down the wing from wingtip and you can pick it up very easily. Also if you pin the wing down with the trailing edge support you can measure the distances the trailing edge is from the board. It should be the same right through.
I think he was referring to the te stock and not the whole wing. But the best way to assure a straight wing when building any wing for that matter is to draw a center line on the root and tip ribs before assembly. Before gluing on sheeting or anything that "locks" in the d-tube structure, measure the height of the leading and trailing edges at the center lines you drew at both the root and tip ribs. The distance should be equal at le and te. Doesn't have to be the same from root to tip obviously if you have a tapered wing. This technique assures you have parallel ribs to your building board and thus a straight wing. You can shim wing jigs or rib tabs to compensate for variances. This hint is provided in all the OMP manuals.
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