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OK dang it! I did it!

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I finally broke down and just ordered an OMP 47" Yak kit! Gonna hang a Saito .91 on the nose (just look what you've done to me Gordo!) and see what happens. Is there anything that I need to look out for in the build?
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Razorback58 said:
Is there anything that I need to look out for in the build?
Just the MASSIVE amount of power on the nose!!!! :shock: lol

Just make sure the hole in the rear of the wing is plenty big enough for the servo wires - pulling wires through that tunnel is a PITA. But otherwise the build is pretty straightforeward. I did made a new "cockpit" out of one piece of balsa instead of piecing it together like the plans show, and I don't really like wire elevator joiners so I built mine in one piece and modified the fuse to accept it, kinda like a sledge. (if you're interested I can find a pic...)

You're gonna love the plane - real smooth flier and does GREAT inverted harriers!!! (if it can make me look decent at them it must be good!!!)
Razorback58 said:
I finally broke down and just ordered an OMP 47" Yak kit! Gonna hang a Saito .91 on the nose (just look what you've done to me Gordo!)
Gordo is spreading the gospel of more is better!
How does the yak compare to the katana? I need to have another plane or two ready.
At the rate i'm going razor yours will be finished before mine! And I've been building for two months now I think :lol:
Well i'm at covering stages now. I'm really slow at covering so its taking forever. But I guess I'll have the fuz done tonight and well then I can start putting things together. I hope to have it flying within the next two weeks but knowing my time schedule that'll probably not happen. Hehehe

We had some difficulty with our fuselages but I think its just a matter of humidity and it being winter and all. They kept going banana but I got mine fixed now. Nothing serious to just re wet the wood and let it sit in the press longer. I think you'll have much better success than me but ultimately it was no biggy. Just a little patience. Oh and if you don't have a big box of scrap wood like I do please listen when Mike says you must keep all the scrap off cut pieces! Heheh, I ran a little short here and there but again no biggy, probably my own fault.

Ok then the aileron servo bays. The sheeting grain is shown to run from leading to trailing. I dunno if I misunderstood it but that doesn't work well for me. Turn it to run the lenght of the wing like it is with every model.

Uhmm...ok then the fuz stuff. It has ply doublers on the nose. I dunno if anyone has ever tried covering them before glueing them on. Their a mission to cover when glued on prior. Just a thought. Also there is a small ply servo mounting rail thingy glued on the side at the tail. Next time I will cover this first as well before sticking it on.

That's all I could think of now. You'll notice that none of the stuff I mentioned really matters as any one with minor building experience can figure it out. I guess i'm saying its a REALLY nice kit! :wink:
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IS the Yak kit pre cut, smae question for the Katana.

What do you mean by pre cut Fly Guy?

The tail feathers ailerons etc are not. All the ply parts and ribs etc are obviously laser cut. The fuz of the yak is foam so nothing fancy there. The Katana is built up and as far as I know most of the parts for it is pre cut yes. So it builds just as quickly as the Yak.
Yeh, thats what I meant by precut, thanks.

It was a hard decision between the Yak and the Katana. I almost ordered both, but I'm waiting to see the Mojo first. (slobber, slobber........) May still get a Katana, though. So many planes, so little time............... :D
Hey Razor How about I send you mine, and you build it while your at it?? It is just as easy to build two as it is one! :roll:

And then we can send them off to Stano for a some knock off Gator cote!
Send it on down, Capthis! Might as well build two! If you want to, you can send the engine and radio too! I might as well install everything while I'm at it! :twisted: Heck, I could even send a certain Cap back to you to put back together, since you already have a history with it! :wink:
That cap can't be that bad?? I am really thinking about getting another 50cc gasser as a smaller knock around plane. It would beat dragging my big planes out all the time.

I just hate foam, and glueing it. I am more of a CA guy. Foam glue takes to long to dry! :D Getttttttterrrrrrdone!

You got another bme 50 you want to sell????
You mean this ole cap???


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Thaaaaaaats the one! It wouldn't take much to fix her, just can't stop working on these $^%&$# profiles long enough to do it! :D

I hate to say it but I sold the 50 that I had on it. It was a sweet running sucker!
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