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Not sure if you guys saw this or not...

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The Yankee air force museum bured down to the ground on Saturday. The museum was only about 30 min away from my house, and sat on the Willow run airport in Yipsi Michigan. Luckly the major airplanes they had there, including one of the last operational B-17's, a B-25, and a C-47 were all pulled out of the hanger before it was completly destroyed, but there were a number of static displays and airplanes that were completly lost. Yea, so they were all warbirds, but it was still a great piece of history that was lost. Right now they're estimating it did about $7 million in damages...,2132,WXYZ_15924_3245931,00.html
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Sad story, and it doesn't matter what kind of airplanes they where. They are unreplacable and pieces of history got destroyed. :(
The best part was they would let us have a small r/c show during their memorial day show. So we'd have full scales zooming over our heads as we'd be flying. Coolest thing ever was watching a squad of p-51's escorting the b-17 around. That and Jack Rouche (sp?) putting his p-51 in a high alpha knife edge 100 feet off the deck over our field and waving to us. so who said war birds can't 3d? :D It was all good till some guy in a 1/3 extra decided to fly through the power lines and cut the power to the museum. They didn't like us too much after that...
Sad story but at least they were able to save some..
I would hate for something like that to happen to the Lone Star museum.

It's well worth the trip if your coming down to the Houston ProBro!!
Maybe we can get Ulf to get us a deal...
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