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North Flaorida Mini Pro Bro-=- November 13

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We have Five confermed Pro Bros in the FLa Panhandle. Any one is ofcourse welcome. Not a lot of lead time but we will get together to

Tear Shit Up

November 13 -- Saturday 10am (or so) Untill........
Santa Rosa Field --- About 2 miles south of I-10 on Hwy 87. Milton Fl. (thats between Crestview and Pensacola)

Sorry I don't know the new exit # (It is old exit #8)

Reply or email me with any questions.

Scott B
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I'm not sure how that smile face got in there but it is

Old Exit # 8
Is there a website for the feild it's being held at?
I'm looking forward to it! It would sure be nice if more of the Bros could make it down, but as few and far between as we are down here, any number is good.

I was going to build a new wing for my Katana kit because I screwed the original one up, but I may just have to go ahead and cover it and have it ready. If it flies, it flies, and if it dies, it dies!
New2, no web site for the field but here is a link to the clubs site you might find somthing there

Honestly I have not looked at the site very much myself.
man, i gotta work that weekend! what a drag! am off the weekend before and after. would love to come up and fly otherwise. hope you guys can make it to lakeland, and I will come up some other time when I'm off for sure. any way you guys can move the date a weekend either way? :D
As long as it's a Saturday, I really don't care when it is. My daugther is in a regional spelling be next Friday, and if she places, she'll be going to Orlando sometime in November. Don't know the date yet, though.
That date seems set now, sorry Ron.

I talked to the Club Pres again last night, He wanted to talk to the Heilo Guys before he gave us the final go for the site. These Heilos get run offf from all the fields around here. I have heard the circle jerks say to them " Don't you know the Heilos fly at Santa Rosa" Kind of like "dont fly that thing here" almost! Sucks for them!

well He said "No Problem"

I think I will be going to the orlando PB event. Maybe the local bros will plan on traveling together. We will have to talk about it when we get together.
orlando event? I didn't know they had one? or do you mean lakeland?
have been working on raffle prizes, got several good ones already, including omp kit and a new engine, several gift certificates. is shaping up well. hope you guys can make it, and will go up that way sometime on an off weekend!
yea I did mean the Lakeland event. I think of centeral FL and Orlando comes out.
Hi all , back in town went by the field last night so I could post better directions.

exit 31 off I-10
go south 1.5 miles
Santa Rosa OLF on the left

Scott B
I'm still planning on being there. Hope to have my Katana finished by then. Still have to install all the gear, mount the rudder, hinge the ailerons and finish up the trim scheme.

Do you have a number on how many of us are gonna show?
not sure who is coming hope Ed M is back and can come also we have Jon from Pensacola and the guy from Panama City. That is as many as five or maby just you and I. I have a new plane also built last night have to finish the radio set up on my EF mini Yak Electric. It looks great, lets see if I can keep from trying low stuff for a few days :twisted: I would like this plane to last a while. Not likely though :lol:
I am definatly coming(the guy from Panama City). Are there any hobby stores around that sell ultracote? I am building a TufFlight 4D and it calls out ultracote. Something about it sticks better to the foam.
Our local guy sell it, but he's only open Mon, Wed, and Fri nights from 7:30-9:30, other times if you call ahead and ask. I need to get by there and pick up a couple of servo extensions and a battery pack for the Katana. I hope to be ther ea little early cause I can't stay all day. Gotta take the family on up to Atmore to see the parents. Hope to stay around til 2-3 or so, though.
Just got email from Ed , He and Flaps wil be there! I'm stoked !!
Just got back from the first ever North Florida Pro Bro. It was cold, it was overcast, it was a little windy at times, but we all had a good time. In all, there were five of us, with 7 profiles. Buildflycrash lived up to his name, dorking his EF E-Yak and his Burrito before 10AM!

I maidened my OMP Katana kit. Really nice flying plane. Blenders were violent, and inverted flat spins were beautiful. Couldn't get it to flatten out upright, though. Hovering was pretty good, but I was used to my bigger OMP Yak and was chasing the tail a little more that usual. Also need to balance it laterally. Flew it 3-4 times and was cleaning up when I realized I'd never run the antenna out of the equipment bay. It was just balled up in there where I left it when I was agjusting all the control surfaces. Lucky I didn't lose it!

We'll post a few pics later. We're gonna plan a real event sometime in the spring. Hopefully we can get a lot more Bros to make it down.

Thanks to buildflycrash for organizing this one, and for the subs for lunch!
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Couple of pics from our little get together. ...


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Looks like you guys had a great time! Wish I coulda been there...
It was a good time! Glad to have met you all and next time will be even better.
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