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Well, finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of my credit card debt.

Mrs. Prowler has given me the green light to get a new plane.

Of course, I need everything but the transmitter.

Been looking at the birds from, specifically the new SU-29 over there.

This would be my first-ever foamy, and the first plane I've built for over 10 years. I like how the fancy foam planes seem to be idiot proof - not looking to re-invent the wheel here, just get a 3d capable bird in the air(and accumulate some hardware that will translate into other foamies later.)

Anybody seen/flown/know of these planes? I'm sure it'll be no chuckflyer, but I'm thinking quick and easy for now.


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I'd go for it without hesitation! Mike has a great line of planes and I've never heard anybody say anything but good stuff about them (when was the last time you heard that??).
Not knocking those guys at all never flown there planes if ya looking for a kit style ya I say go for it if ya wanna build one go for the Chucky Flyer Bad as I hate to say it outta the 10 different ones i've tried it kicks butt.
That fancyfoam combo looks like a real easy way to get all the stuff you need. Go for it.
you could wait a little bit and get the extreme flight e yak combo it looks sweet
It looks complete....everything at a fairly low price comparably.

You could also make the ChuckEFlyer your next foamy once the equipment is in place.

Once you've built one foamy, it becomes apparent that with several sheets of Depron and some CF, you could save money buy cuting them out...kinda like Spads out of Corro.
That Sukhoi looks awesome! Full flying horizontal and everything!

I've never seen this company before, but it sure sounds like the owner is on the ball. Ususlly Chuck has at least one bitch about anyone.

Once the E-Flite birds bite it, this may be next.
He posts as "MyCamel" or "Mycamel" or something on RCGroups. Not real high profile as some of the builders, but his planes supposedly fly great!

And I agree with 3D-AA... After you get all the equipment for a foamy, the airframes are extraordinarily easy to get plans for and make your own.

Like the old proverb: "Buy a foamy kit and fly for a day. Build your own foamys and fly for a lifetime!". - Chuckistotle
"You can lead a Bro to Depron, but you cannot make him cut."

Minister Twister
"Bite Me !" - Count Fuckin' Dracula
"You Suck!" -Chuckistotle to Count Fuckin' Dracula
Hey, thanks guys for the input.

I'm really liking the looks of the chuckflyer, but the deals that Mike has over at fancyfoam is tough to beat.

And, as I said, being my first foamie I like that the install points for all the hardware is routered, etc. I'm still working two jobs and don't have a ton of time, wnat something that even I might get right.

Definitely thinking a chuckflyer will be next.

I'll let y'all know how it goes.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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