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No Bergs?

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I can't find an in stock Berg 5 anywhere. Anybody know where I could?
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parkflyermotors is showing "In Stock" on them.

and, i just bought one.

They appear to have them, but when you pay for a crystal as well, it is as expensive as a JR R610.

Any clue who might have them with the free crystal deal I saw a while back?

Otherwise, I'll just go with an Electron 6. I've got one of those, and it's onlt .3 ounces more weight.
RC Direct has them $49.95 with free crystal Here

Well, the "Out of Stock" graphic didn't show up until I checked my link :roll:

Aeromicro has the Free Crystal deal as well, but they are out.

AhHa! has them with free crystal, don't show to be out of stock.
Has anyone tried a Berg in larger planes? Hows the range on them.
Glow pylon guys use them, hotliner electric guys use them. The designer, Peter Berg, flys thermal gliders and there are hardly any planes that get farther away than a thermal glider.
True that those big planes just speck out up there. Maybe Ill have to try a cpl of them. I need a few since I went to JR.
I just followed Chucks advice and ordered a Berg 5 G2 from RC Direct, it will be on the way shortly for 56.24 total!
Pretty damn good deal for a programable rx, with shipping, handling, and a free crystal!
I have used them in virtually every type plane I have, from quickie to foamy and I have one in my 65" OMP Yak that I maidened this morning.
Berg's are good RX's.

I've used one before and have had no problems/glitches.

I don't know what the range is on the "postage stamp", but I believe all the others are full range.
Berg 5's are as good an RX as you can get. It's about all I have now except for a few older ones I have in my 2 glow planes.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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